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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what I'd like to do is introduce you to the range of Berkey stainless steel gravity water filtration systems, all right. So Berkey, made in the U.S.A. Stainless steel, very, very strong. Amazing if you want to pack it up, take it with you. They're very, very strong in the sense that they won't get broken around in the back of the car if you're going camping or something like that, okay? The company has been around for decades. The cartridges and everything to do with these systems is very well tested and certified so that you know that you're gonna be creating is the best water that you can from these filters. They are very easy to use. The tanks just sit inside one another. The cartridges are here, they're very simple. All these gravity filtered systems are very, very similar in that the cartridges bolt in and out very easy. Anybody can do that to one of those systems, okay?

Right from the small sports bottle at the bottom here and we'll just screw the bottom off this one so you can have a quick look. But once again, a very good cartridge. A cartridge that you could put water in from a stream if you're out running and needed to do so. And you would know that viruses, bacteria, and stuff is covered. So, they range here from the smallest little Berkey there, the travel Berkey. That's around about the 1.5 gallon mark, which is 5.5 liters, right up to this big one here, which is the crown. And that's a 22.5 liter, okay? So 22.5 liters this thing will hold, and it's great for the family and if you need a lot of water from a gravity filtration system, okay? When you look in the top of these systems, you will find they have a multitide of holes, so they generally hold two black Berkey cartridges. These are the most common, but they will take more cartridges. So if you've gone for this big system, if you've got a family picnic or you're away camping, whatever it is, and you want to be making lots of water, then this might be the one for you. And if you ever look underneath there at the holes available for cartridges, then you find about eight different holes in these. You don't have to fill all the holes up with the cartridges, with the black Berkey cartridges.

There is black plugs. They also come with these really good quality plugs that do screw apart, okay? Couple of washers there and that's a great way to be blocking up the holes rather than just the black plug. These are the black Berkey cartridges. They are world renowned. They've been around for a long time. Everybody talks about how great they are. People love these products. You know, people like preppers or camping adventurers. People that might think that they need to create water on demand in an instant on an occasion. They can just pull this out of cupboard, put the cartridges in. So if the water went bad in your district, wherever you might live, and all of a sudden you needed to be in damage control and get water to the family, something like that, this could always be sitting in the cupboard for years. These cartridges would store for years. And I'll just read you some of the test results off this, because they are worth having a look at. So the viruses, 99.999% greater than, okay? So it exceeds purification standards. Bugs, bacteria is the same. 99.9999% removal rate, all right, Just fantastic stuff. Pharmaceutical's 99.5%. Trihalomethanes 99.8%. Inorganics, pesticides, they're all on here. Heavy metals 99%. Radiological contaminents, they're all on there.

Arsenic and fluoride don't get removed by this cartridge so much. But if you are on government skim water and there's fluoride in the water, as these cartridges are bolted in the top, there's always a thread that hangs down into the bottom tank here. And then that's when you can get the PF2 fluoride arsenic removal cartridges for these black Berkey's. They have a thread on the end a hole on the other, and basically this cartridge here just screws onto the bottom of the thread hanging from the cartridge in the top tank. So the thread's hanging down here, that cartridge will screw on the bottom there. As the water slowly filters down, removes all the impurities and bugs, bacteria that could be in the water on the top. And then as it comes down through this cartridge here, it'll pull out the arsenic and fluoride, and you'll have quality drinking water sitting in the bottom of that tank there, okay? When you get one, this is how they're going to look when they come from the box from us. So if you order online, it'll arrive to your home. You'll put it together, and this is what you'll be looking at.

The plugs, cartridges, etc obviously in the top tank where the water goes. And then the water will flow down into the bottom tank, okay? They don't have an immediate seal around the middle and the top tank's not sitting inside of the bottom tank like the ceramics do. So if you have the bottom tank full, once the bottom tank's full, we're good to go. We don't apply any more water to the top tank. On saying that, we only apply the volume of water to the top tank that there is room for in the bottom, okay? Or else you might have some water seep out around the middle center joint there. What you can do, and what we got here, is the Berkey sight glass. Now these Berkey sight glasses are available to go on any of the Berkey ranges.

And as you can see, it's like a stainless steel on the outside here type thing, and then we've got a glass center core, okay? So this is your tap, your spigot, and then we've got the Berkey sight glass onto the back there. And basically you just install these exactly the same way as you do with the spigot. There's also a sticky plug on the top to lock them in place there. But when you've got this glass here, you can just tell how much water's in it in an instant. So whatever height the water's going to be in the bottom tank, that's the height of the water that's going to be in this sight glass. So if you go two inches down from the top here, you know can put two inches of water in the top tank. If this is half full, you know you can fill half your top tank.

Always put the volume of water in the top tank that's going to filter down and filter and be in the bottom tank, okay? So, they're a ripper product. We've looked for stainless teel products all over the country, all over the world in fact. We've brought these from the USA, so we know that they're well tested. They're not going to rust out on you, and nothing's going to go wrong. You know, just in case some of it did go wrong, you're backed by my water filter, you're backed by Berkey, world class company, so you can't go wrong with these. If this is the type of thing that you're looking for, if this is what you need, then jump on the site and have a look, give us a yell if you need. But, a great product, super strong, nothing to break, stainless steel. Might be for you, okay? Good luck.

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