[VIDEO] How to Install a Faucet for an Under Sink Water Filter

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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we are gonna do is a faucet installation into the kitchen sink for an under sink water filter. Okay, here's the faucet that we're gonna install today. This is sort of our default faucet for most of our products. We use this faucet 'cause we've had such good success with them and they work an absolute treat. They're easy to install, and they've got a good connection on the bottom that makes it very easy to connect straight onto the hose from the water filter, okay.

So, we'll just grab it out. As you can see, straight out of the box, it's the same as it's gonna arrive at your home. There are some instructions in the box so you can take a look at those as required. And then here's our parts for our filter here, okay. Now, we'll just go slowly so you can see exactly what we do. And you show it to your plumber if you need him to help install or do it yourself if you think you can handle it. So situation is, you can't just get the faucet and just drill a hole and install it anywhere. Wherever you decide that you'd like to install your faucet, you have gotta have a look under the sink to make sure that you can get to it.

Because once you install the faucet, you're gonna put a locking nut on the bottom and you've gotta be able to tighten it up. So you're gonna be holding the faucet, you've gotta be able to get your arm in there. Get someone to help you, that's not a problem. But just make sure that wherever you drill the hole through the top of the sink, you do have access from underneath to connect it up with the locking nut. And also, because then you're gonna put on the joiner connection and then you've gotta connect the hose to it as well.

So you do have to be able to access this. And some sinks, especially high quality sinks, can have enclosed cavities in them where you can drill a hole through it and then you just can't get your hand in there, okay. So make sure you can get to it and you'll be good to go. This one here's a pretty simple one you get to. And we're just going to sit him right here on the outside. I can get underneath, I can feel that, I've got plenty of room there and I know I can get at it, no worries at all. So this is where our systems gonna sit today, right here like so.

Once again, you've gotta make sure it's gonna work and operate. So when we turn this water on, is it going to fall into the sink? If it does a couple of drips after you turn the tap off, is the drips gonna land into the sink? That sort of thing. So you might wanna position it depending on what you've got there, okay. So for us today, this is where we're gonna put him here. Just perfectly sitting straight in there like that.

And that'll be a good spot for us, alright. So, we'll get there, find out where we want it to go, and then just get a pencil and put a little mark there. Once we've got a mark where we're gonna install it, what I like to do is just get a bit of electrical tape, okay. This is just plain, normal electrical tape. Just break a bit off, and what we do is we're gonna stick that onto the surface of the sink here. What that will do is when we use the drill, it'll stop the drill moving around. So I'll stick that on there. I'll also get hold of something sharp, okay.

Nice little point, and we're just gonna put that on there, and I'm just gonna put a little mark where I'm gonna drill and that'll stop the drill from spinning around as well, okay. Now, I'm gonna use two drill bits today. We're gonna put a pilot hole through first, and then we'll put the larger bit through. And then the faucet will go straight through that hole, alright. So, safety is the key at any time. Make sure you've got good posture. If it's a big, deep sink and you've gotta reach out you might want to put a block on to stand on, or whatever it might be.

But make sure that you're safe, and you're not drilling into anything electrical, okay. Have a look underneath, make sure you know where you're drilling and then you should be good to go, okay. So we'll just drill this one through here now. Okay, so there's our pilot hole. That goes through pretty easily, and we'll take out this small pilot drill bit, open him up, stick in the larger one. Okay, and in we go. Now, what you'll find, different quality sinks, different thicknesses, et cetera, so whatever you've got there, just take your time and take it easy and you should be good to go, okay. So there's our hole through the sink.

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