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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here and what I wanted to have a quick chat to you about is getting your water filter installed. What's the best way to go about it, what part do we play, and how can we get it all sorted out for you nice and quickly and at the best possible price, all right? So there's a couple of challenges, we have a plumber network across Australia, generally throughout most of the capital cities, okay? But the problem nowadays is, capital cities are so large, all the cars are gridlocked within the cities, and it takes hours for plumbers to travel any distance. So quite often we get called out, where we don't want to send our plumbers if you're in an outwards area and it's gonna cost too much for the plumber to get to your premises, to your location.

Another thing is that a lot of customers have their own plumber and installing a water filter's not a hard task. Any plumber can do it, we supply good installation instructions and the team's here to help any time. So we are right behind the customer and right there with our filters and happy to help out in anyway. So I guess the recommendation on a water filter is that, sure you can buy a system and get a plumber come with it and you install it in your house and that sort of thing, you're generally going to be paying for the full service. He can come back and service it whenever you need it, you're paying a full service.

Water filters are quite easy, so we try and just come back a level from there and, if you purchase a good water filter from My Water Filter, then we will do our best to help you to get the plumber closest to you. But if you've got your own plumber, I highly recommend that we work with your plumber. He's already been to your house, he knows your pipes, your fitting, et cetera, within your house. He knows the water pressures within the house, what systems are attached, et cetera. And when something goes wrong, you're gonna call him anyway so he might as well know all about your water filter anyway. So first step for us, when somebody wants to install a water filter is, have you got a plumber?

Do you have a good fella in your local community, your town, or your suburb that we could all use? And we'll talk to him, no problem at all, but that's where we'd like to go first. Nice and close, doesn't have to travel, and he knows what's going on and he's been in your home before and we all trust him, all right? That's a beautiful thing. Flowing on from there, we've got plumbers, we'll recommend them, we can give lists of plumbers out.

We normally wouldn't actually jump in between a customer and a plumber because it just makes a messy three-way situation where we're saying to the plumber, oh maybe it can be installed on Wednesday, and then we go and talk to the new water filter owner and she says, no, I'm sorry, I'm busy on Wednesday. So, get the plumber and the homeowner to talk together, work out the best time for them to have their water filter installed and the solution is the plumber turns up and installs the waters filter at that point of time, okay?

It doesn't get much harder than that. Handymen can put water filters in and stuff like that, we do have good instructions and we get more and more information for everybody all the time. So if you need a plumber, give us a yell, happy to help out but that's basically where we go. Have a chat to your plumber, have a chat to us, get a really good water filter that we can have installed in your home, and you're good to go. Good luck, thank you very much.