[VIDEO] How to install your Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter - Purification and Water Softener System

In this article, you will learn how to install the Gold Carb Whole House Water Filter.

There are three main steps to installing a Goldcarb:

      1. Strap it to the wall.
      2. Connect up the water pipes.
      3. Make sure it’s sitting on a decent footing.

Whole House Water Filter Outdoor Installation

You may need the help of a plumber for this installation.

Please make sure you read the instructions page and important notes supplied by the manufacturer. This should be in the bottom of the box your product came in.

1. Strap It To The House.

Once you have attached it to the wall, make sure it’s tied up firmly so it won’t tip over.

2. Run The Pipework Through. 

Connect the on/off ball valve tap to the filter and your water supply.

Using the on/off ball valve tap will allow you to turn the water on and off to the filter. It also allows you to turn off the water supply to the filter so the system can be serviced (filter change).

The ball valve tap is a non-return valve and is a requirement by law. It stops the water from flowing back the way it came in.

3. Check Your Base Is Stable.

The Goldcarb weighs about 40kgs when it’s new and empty. When you fill it up, it’s well over 100kgs. Sitting on a garden slab is okay if you’ve got compacted dirt underneath, but if you’ve got pavers, we recommend a garden slab on top of the pavers, so your system doesn’t move around.

Please contact us if you require any further assistance with your installation or need to be connected to a good plumber in your area.

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