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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here. What we've got is the instructions for the Goldcarb, okay? So when you get the box for the Goldcarb, lift the Goldcarb there, in the bottom of the Goldcarb box is the instructions, there's also the non-return valve and the ball valve. So make sure when you take the big Goldcarb out of the box that you do empty it properly and you do get all the components out from underneath, alright? 'Cause they're sitting right on the bottom there. These instructions are quite brief. We've made a bit of a video for you to help you along that sort of thing, but the reason the instructions are brief is that when it's installed, the water's just gonna be connected to it, alright?

There's three steps to a Goldcarb, strap it to the wall, connect up the water pipes, and make sure it's sitting on a decent footing, alright? The Goldcarb weighs about 40 kilos when it's new and empty, but when you fill it up, that thing's up well over 100 kilos. So just a garden slab is okay if you've got a bit of compacted dirt underneath it, alright? If you've got pavers, something like that, I'd much rather see a garden slab set on top of the pavers or something like that that can't move around or anything like that. You've got a good stable base.

So just remember, full of water, she's well over 100 kilos of water and wait and we need to have a good base under it. Give it a good compaction, sit it on a slab on it and set the Goldcarb on it. Strap it to the house and then we just run the pipe work through it. Take a look at the instructions, couple of do's and don'ts on there and you'll be good to go. What I just want to touch on here, is the tap, the ball valve. Turning the water supply on and off to the Goldcarb water filter. And as you can see set up here, this is exactly what we've got, just a simple ball valve and as the water's coming in, it's coming out to the system and coming out to the setup, no matter what parts you're putting with it, we always run it through a ball valve or a tap to turn the water on and off. You want to turn it off to service the system, to change the pre filter, whatever it might be, okay? And as you can see, on the end of this ball valve is the non-return valve.

And that's just a requirement by law, we don't want the water flowing back the way that it's come in. The government puts that on, that the water cannot be flowing back the way that it's come in. These are supplied with your Goldcarb. They're not an extra, but make sure, obviously the plumber will put that on when he installs the system and obviously it's installed before the system, before all the other parts that we've talked about. And then the only other thing I can probably think of for you is possibly this one inch ball valve is to have one on the other side, post the filter, after the filter. When you do a device like this on your home, there's nothing better than to just be able to just switch it off on two sides of the system so you can totally isolate the system and change the cartridge, do whatever you might want to do and then just turn the water back on when you're finished and you're good to go. Thanks very much.