[VIDEO] How to install your HiFlow Under Sink Inline Water Filter System

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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is just have a quick look at how we would install the Water Filters Australia HiFlow under sink water filter. Okay? And as you can see, we've got the doors open and we're under the sink, ready to go. And these are the water filters that we're gonna discuss. And as you can see, there's two versions. And they're both exactly the same. One comes in a fine one micron cartridge size. One comes in a five micron. The five micron for West Australia, South Australia, inland areas, top of Queensland, places where there's a lot of mineral in the water. A lot of calcium and magnesium that can tend to block up the finer one micron product, okay? So we're gonna install it here now. And installation's the same, the way they look, everything's the same.

It's just there's two versions, a one micron and a five micron cartridge, okay? So, we'll just open this box up and we'll get into it. Pretty easy, and it is a good easy filter to install, this one, okay? Chrome flexible pipe. There's the water filter cartridge. Here's our water filter head. Now, what we'll do when we go to install, is we'll talk about the actual water filter itself, first. Now what we've got is the head here in my hand, okay? And you can look at either side, inlet that side, outlet that side.

So obviously, the water's going in, it'll come down through the cartridge, and it's going out the other side. You can't just change the water pipes over. It doesn't work like that, okay? The head's set up in a configuration that the water goes through the cartridge. So but, no problem. If the water's coming in here at the moment, but that doesn't suit your system under the sink, and you want the water coming in from the other side. There's just four screws on the top of the head plate.

Pull those four screws out, spin it around, put the head plate back on, four screws in, and you're done. And then you'll have the water coming out this side and in the other side. You've just turned it 'round 180 degrees. So no problem with that, okay. At all, alright? So, with the water filter, there's obviously a nice cap on the end of it. Take a look at the O-rings, make sure they're all sitting in place there nicely. And then this just locks into the top cap, okay? So basically, you're just gonna get it and push into the top cap, turn it. Bang. Locked on. That's it. This thing's ready to go, alright? Now as you can see, we've got good, good size room underneath here.

And the incoming cold water line's right at the back of the wall that we're going to attach onto is in any kitchen sink cupboard. There's a couple of ways you can do it. I do like to mount 'em vertically. But you can see they're a good size depth, so you can't always mount 'em vertically. Just isn't the room. So there's a couple of ways you can go. This water filter will also sit horizontally. So you can just screw it straight in like that. Or straight in like that on the back wall of the cupboard. And it'll work fine. You can get, you know, a tradesman will install. A plumber, he can cut a nice big round hole into the cupboard, okay? And basically, all he'll do then is get the head, and install the head on the back of the wall. And there's a big hole cut in the cupboard, so you can simply take the cartridge, put it in from underneath, stick it up through the hole.

It'll pop up through the hole. You'll put it into the head. And screw him on. You know, up through the hole, and you'll lock it on. And it's just, it's gonna hang down like that. That is right at the back of the cupboard. So it doesn't take up any room, or be in the way. And you're good to go, alright? So, pretty much, that's how it's gonna look. And what we want to do is feed the water in this side, and we'll feed it out of the other side, okay? So we'll just check out the other components. It comes with a book. It's got steps one to ten. It's got an owner's manual. You can flick through it and see how to do it. It's all described there with pictures.

This is the bracket when you're gonna hang the water filter horizontally, okay? So if we decide to go like that, we get this bracket, and that's once again, fits straight on the back wall of the cupboard. And then that, that's how it sits. Straight into there, okay? Lock it into that. There's nowhere for it to go. It'll just sit there nicely, alright? And it takes the weight off the head and the cartridge. You don't get any leaks and it's well supported, okay? Got a little plastic bag that comes with it. This one here is the water filter monitor life. Install it, get it going, turn the water on. Ready to go, works beautiful.

Turn on the monitor, stick it in the back here. About 11 months, this'll go off. You'll know the 12 months is nearly up. And it's time to ... Change the water filter replacement cartridge, okay? Plumber's tape. We're gonna wrap the plumber's tape around all of the threads as we put this together, okay? This little adapter here, is a 3/8 to 1/2 inch BSP adapter. So what we'll do is on the out flowing water side, we just screw that adapter into there. And it now makes it compatible with the pipe coming from your cold water line, down under the sink, connecting on here. And that's now ready to fit straight onto your water filter, okay? And if you're just wondering, on this side here, we're in the incoming water line, that's already got a 3/8 on it. That's gonna screw straight on there and you'll be good to go.

And this end, as we've talked, is your incoming water line. So when we remove the original chrome flexible pipe underneath and we attach this one, the chrome flexible pipe will go on here. And you've got your circuit made, you're good to go. Okay? Failing that, four screws in the bag, that's to go in the head to hold it into place. Couple of screws to hold on your horizontal holder, if you decide to go that way, okay? Alright, so when you start off, and you go outside, you'll turn off your water mains. And turn the water off and then you'll come inside. You can get the cold tap, turn it on. It'll go fast to start.

As the water pressure wears out in the house it'll wear out and then the water'll stop. When it stops, you know that the pressure's off in the house, and you're good to go. We'll come under the sink first. And under the chrome flexible water pipe, I always lay a towel in the bottom of the cupboard to soak up any water, anything like that. And you can even hold, I got a little bowl here. You can have a little bowl like this, and just slide it underneath there. When you first take this pipe off there's a bit of water's gonna drip out. It won't be massive. Bit of water will drop out into it. And you can just collect that water. Just sit him up in the sink here and out the way.

Got the towel there to mop up the other stuff. And we're good to go, okay? First step will be, take that chrome flexible pipe off. And at that point of time, what we're gonna do is install the pressure limiting, or pressure reducing. We'll put this valve on. Stops sudden surges to the filter. Stop any extra pressure bashing on it. Things like that, okay? When we do that, we get the thread tape, up underneath, we'll wrap half a dozen rolls of thread tape on. Fit this on. Out with the thread tape again. Seal up the end of this thread. That's good to go. And then we'll put our ... This connection here will go on. And then that's basically, under the wall, and onto the filter, and we're half way.

We've got the water to the filter and we're good to go, alright? We're gonna come out the other side. We're using thread tape, once again. We'll wrap 'round both sides of that nipple. And then on this side here, that's where the water's coming out of the filter, but that's going under your chrome flexible pipe that you've already got underneath the sink that goes up to the cold water tap, okay? So once that's all connected, just a little tech down, or some, drill a couple of holes in the cupboard.

You'll be able to screw those screws in there by hand, to hold that filter in whatever position you decide to put it into. And fit it up ... Underneath the sink here. However way you think that you might prefer it to go. Whichever way the chrome flexible pipes fit for you, or it fits. Or drill a hole in the cupboard. And you can mount it vertical like that as well, no problems at all, okay? Once you've got it in there, we'll nip outside. Turn the water mains back on nice and slowly.

Come inside, turn the taps on, get the air out. And then turn this filter on, or turn the tap on, so the water's going through the filter. Few bubbles while the air kicks out, that sort of thing. But, it'll only take a minute. You'll have full water going through the system and it'll be starting to work. And you'll be away from there basically.

You'll have nice filtered water coming out the kitchen sink tap. Okay, so, good luck. And thanks very much.

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