[VIDEO] How to Install your Sprite High Output Shower Filter

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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is just show you how to quickly install the Sprite Chrome Brass High Output Shower Filter. This seriously is a good quality shower filter and it's as solid as a rock. It's steel and I'm sure with the purchase of one of these, it's just gonna last you many, many years, 20 years alright, absolute rippers. So very easy to install.

Obviously take it out of the retail packaging and it's got a female thread on one end, it's a got a male thread on the other. They are both half inch BSP threads which is common standard Australian size and it'll screw straight on and you'll see as we put it on just how good and rock solid these things are, okay. And you'll see that the ends are sealed up on both of them and you simply peel the stickers off, get it ready to apply and we're ready to go, okay.

This one off this end as well. Okay. Now what you'll find when you pull the sticker off, there will be a rubber, a black rubber in the end and the rubber's there to help the seal and to seal it on. Now, not sure how good we'll be able to show it to ya, 'cause it is black but that rubber inside, when you install this filter on, if you tighten it right up, really, really tight, it spreads that rubber out and it can restrict the water flow going through the center core so you've got two options.

You just be aware on how tight you tighten it and just test it for flow to make sure that it's operating properly or pull that rubber out completely and just apply plenty of thread tape on so that the thread tape actually restricts the leakage, seals it all up and you're good to go with a good seal just on the thread tape so we'll pull it off now anyway and have a look so we can see what's going on, okay. So there's our trusty old spanner.

Just gonna unscrew the good old Australian shower arm straight off the wall, okay. There we go. Now what we're gonna do, just take any bits of muck off, make sure it's dry, any bits of old thread tape etc. on there, you would actually unwind them, scrape them, pull them off, get a screwdriver if you need to, get the old tape off, make sure it's a nice clean new fit and we're ready to go and then we get the trusty thread tape, good old Australian thread tape, okay.

We're gonna wrap this on the same direction that we're gonna tighten the filter up on, because we want the filter to tighten up and tighten the thread tape at the same time as we tighten it up, okay. We don't want any thread tape to come across the face so try and keep it back on the wall as good as you can and then once we get going we can wrap half a dozen to eight wraps of thread tape around there very neatly, and nicely, okay.

Now if you get it coming across and covering your hole, you want to push it back off and make sure that we're good to go and we got no restriction over that hole, okay. As we say, there's the black rubber and as you can see here now a bit easier, it doesn't take too much to squash it and restrict the diameter of the hole there so we'll leave that one out and we'll screw this one straight on.

They are steel, they're a really good tight fit and basically, we're just screwing that on the wall until he's up nice and tight, okay. That's tight too and then we're gonna get the thread tape again, same game. We wrap the thread tape around, anti clockwise, the same way that we're gonna wrap, or tighten the shower arm so as the shower arm tightens on, it'll tighten up this thread tape as well, okay. Neat little job. On with that shower arm.

And out with the tool, we're just gonna nip him up, nice and straight, no need to over-tighten it and there you have it, adjusting for height and we're good to go.

Thank you very much.

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