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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is just have a look and do a simple install for the My Water Filter shower filter in both the chrome and the white being the same. We're gonna install the chrome one here today, okay? So, little housekeeping tip, first thing I do when I'm gonna work inside a shower is respect the shower and put a towel down on the floor. You'll see that I'm standing on a big towel at the moment, so if you drop something, you drop a crescent or a spanner, it's not going to break the tile, so just run with that tip and it'll save you some money.

Moving on, we've got the chrome shower filter here, rubber washer goes in the end and you push it in and when you screw that up onto the wall, that rubber washer seals and spreads. If you tighten it too tight, it can tend to make the hole close up in the center and restrict the water flow. These are great shower filters and you'll hardly even know that it's on there. You'll get a great flow of water out of it still, but if you squash this rubber up or over tightening it, you might have a reduction in water flow and if that happens, then just back it off or do what I do, even take the rubber out and we would solely seal this with the thread tape. and we'd be good to go.

So we'll just set it down there for a minute and we'll pull the old, good Australian shower arm off. Here we go, that's off. Now what you wanna do, is just make sure it's nice and clean what you're gonna put on there. So just make sure there's no water on there, if there's any old thread tape on there, take the thread tape off, give it a wipe, make sure she's nice and clean and ready to go. Then we've got some thread tape here and we're gonna pull it out and when we apply the thread tape, we wanna wrap the thread tape on in the same direction that we're gonna screw the filter on, so that it locks the thread tape on as we're screwing it on, okay? So we'll be goin' on clockwise.

Just take your time to get the first wrap on. And what we're trying not to do is to have the thread tape coming across the front inside blocking the hole in the thread. So just take your time, make sure it's wrapped on, it's around the outside, and we're fillin' those threads up. Push him over the outside if you've got a little bit stuck there. Beautiful, and we're good to go. 1/2 inch BSP in Australia, female, under the 1/2 inch BSP thread that comes out of the wall and that'll leave a 1/2 inch BSP thread to screw the shower arm back on. Now they are plastic, but they're good and strong and robust, they're very solid, so when you put 'em on, just take a minute and make sure haven't cross-threaded it and it's gonna screw on nicely. And they go on pretty easy as you can see, this one's screwin' on no worries at all.

And I'm only gonna put it on hand tight, but we want it on there tight. Thread tape again. There we go, there we got it nice and flat. Okay, there's our shower arm. Once again, we just wanna make sure that we got it nice and square as we're putting it on, so that we don't cross or strip any threads. And once again, this one here too, I'm just gonna do it up by hand and rely on the thread tape to seal it. And that's about as hard as it is.

A couple of minutes, and all of a sudden you've got a beautiful shower filter on and you'll have chlorine-free water Good on ya, thank you very much.