How To Install Sprite Adjustable Shower Head Rose [VIDEO]

The Sprite Adjustable Shower Head Rose is very simple to install and only takes a few minutes.

The installation position for this filter can be coming straight out of the roof, or straight out of the wall. Sometimes you’ll have a pipe coming out of the wall that you can put the shower rose on to so you may need to use a 45-degree bend to get the angle right.

How To Install The Shower Head Rose.

      1. Use an adjustable wrench to loosen and unscrew the existing showerhead/arm.
      2. Make sure the water filter is still tight on the wall (if you have one).
      3. Screw on the elbow
      4. Screw on the Sprite Adjustable Shower Head Rose
      5. Tighten it up with a wrench or spanner.

If you’re screwing onto metal, always use a few wraps of thread tape around the thread before screwing it on.

Easy. Have a go and please contact us if you require any assistance at all.

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Product Update: 

We no longer stock this product but highly recommend the alternative below.