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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is have a look at the new Sprite adjustable shower head rose, okay? Now as you can probably see, this shower here has already got the Sprite high output shower filter attached to the wall And then we got the good old Australian arm coming off the top there, okay? So what we're going to do is just give you a look at this adjustable shower head. It's only new to us recently here in Australia and it's been well tested and it's now suitable to be delivered to the public as required, okay? As you can see, it's a little beauty, little powerhouse.

That's the adjuster on the top where you can just-- it actually just keeps on spinning round and around so you can just adjust the flow of the water and the style of the water that you want. You better look on the page and you'll be able to see the flow rates of it. It's got the flow restrictor in the end etc. there so you don't use too much water. But that's that one there now, okay? We're gonna install it on to this shower head here. Now this can go in any position. It can just be coming straight out of the-- straight out of the roof. You know, sometimes the water pipes will come straight out of the roof and it's ready to go as you purchase it and it'll screw straight on, like so. Even if it's on a bit of an angle. Sometimes you'll have a row, a pipe coming out off the wall that you can put the shower rose on to.

So as long as the angle's correct for you, then you're good to go. If you've got a situation like we've got here today, you'll see on our site, we've got these little nice chrome 45 degree bends and you just screw one on, and I'll show you how to do it now, and then that just gives you the correct angle for the water to flow out in this situation. But, I've got a plastic rose, a plastic bend here today that we'll use. But when we go to install it in your house nicely, we grab a nice chrome one to put on for you. So, we'll just pull this shower head off now. Okay, tighten that one up. Basically step one. This has got a good little swivel on the end same as the chrome ones, the chrome ones will go on exactly the same but they'll just look a little bit better than this one. Unfortunately, we haven't got one here today.

Okay, straight on like such, and then the same thing is gonna apply with the Sprite adjustable shower rose. Okay Okay Obviously we've got the shifter spanner to tighten him up. And if we weren't going on to plastic I'd be putting some thread tape on there. It's nice and tight. And there we go, here we have it. Got plenty of movement there. Full bend around and as you can see the little kids or whatever who might be sitting down lower, it's still got a good projection. As long as you got the bend on there you're good to go, project the water down, it's great. And then you can just gently turn this knob for the spray that you're looking for to create that nice shower. All right, so that's the Sprite adjustable chrome shower head rose, okay? Thanks very much.