How to install the Pure Spa Shower Filter

Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here.

Today we take a look at the Pure Spa Shower Filter and show you how easy it is to install.

This Pure Spa Shower Filter is ideal for all households. It’s great for people who want to take care of themselves through rejuvenating baths or, clean chemical-free and odour-free showers.

How to Install the Pure Spa Shower Filter

  1. Unscrew the original shower head.
  2. Wrap some thread tape around the thread. (5 or 6 wraps in a clockwise direction)
  3. Screw on the Pure Spa Shower Filter, making sure that you don’t do it up too tight.
  4. Use some more thread tape to wrap around the thread where you will attach the shower head to the filter.
  5. Screw the original shower head onto the bottom of the Pure Spa Shower Filter.

Now the Pure Spa Shower Filter is fully installed.

Thank you very much.

Product Update

The product in this video is discontinued and no longer available on If you are looking for a similar shower filter, we recommend the Aquasana Premium Shower Filter or the Vitamin Shower.

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