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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. Here we are in the shower, and we're gonna have a look at the Pure Spa Shower Filter. Okay, so as you can see, package there. It comes apart pretty easily. And, there we are. We'll take him out. Okay. Basically, water in the top, comes through, feeds it to the sides, goes through the filters, pours out the bottom, filtered water. We'll attach it on to show you how it goes.

The first thing we're gonna do is pull out the original shower head that's on here. Okay. What we'll do is just put a little bit of thread tape around there to tidy it up, and give us a good seal. When we put it on, we always wrap the thread tape on clockwise, so that as we're fitting the filter, it locks the thread tape on. This one's already had a little bit of thread tape on there, so I won't put too much on.

You might require up to about five or six wraps, depending on the quality of the thread tape. We've got the filter. Now, it does have a good round washer inside, so it's gonna get some seal on that as well as the thread tape, but we don't want to go and really tightening that up because it can spread the washer and constrict the flow through the filter here. Okay? Alright, that's set on there.

Then we're just gonna grab some more thread tape to get a good seal on the bottom of the shower head. First time around a bit difficult, but just take a minute and lock him on. Try to get any tape coming around the middle. You don't want it in the pipe, or getting into the shower head and blocking it up. Okay, nice there, a few wraps around it. We get our shower head.

And, there we have it. The Pure Spa Shower Filter fully installed. Thank you very much.