[VIDEO] How to Install a Single Under Sink Water Filter

In this article, you'll find out just how to Install an Under Sink Water Filter.

You will need:

      • Crescent
      • Sharp knife
      • Thread tape
      • Drill
      • Towel
      • Electrical Tape
      • Pen/Pencil
      • Hole punch or sharp object

There are three stages to Installing a Single Under Sink Water Filter:

      1. Install the Under Sink Kit.
      2. Install the Faucet.
      3. Install the Water Filter.

Before you start

The first step is to get everything out of your cupboard and make sure that it’s safe to start working there. Ensure there are no electrical components and you’re not going to get hurt or injured in any way. You’ll see we've taken the cupboard doors off today. That's so you can get a good view of what's going on, and it just makes it a lot easier for me to get in and do the installation.

Then you'll need to get in there and make sure you've got plenty of room to install the water filter and something to screw the water filter onto. You'll have a couple of screws that will go through the top of the housing bracket to hold the filter in place.

Turn off the water supply

In the video, you’ll see we turned off the water from underneath the sink. If you can't turn the water off there, you've got to go out the front or back of the home to the water meter and turn it off at the main water supply. Then you'll have no pressure pushing on the house.

      1. Turn off the water under the sink, or at the water mains.
      2. Come back inside, turn on the tap to empty the waterline.
      3. Expect a little bit of water to come out. There will be a bit of pressure.
      4. Release the pressure, and you should be good to go.

Note: You can lay a towel under the sink to catch any spillage of water.

Step 1: Install the T-Piece

The first part we will install is the T-Piece which will send the water to your filter.

T-Piece's can come in different shapes and sizes, but they all perform the same purpose.

There should be a rubber washer in the end of the T-Piece. The rubber MUST be inside to have a good seal.

      1. Undo the chrome flexible hose.
      2. Screw the female end first making sure the male end faces the direction of where you want to mount the water filter. Not too tight; there are rubbers in there that will seal.
      3. Get the original chrome flexible pipe and screw it back onto the top of the T-Piece.
      4. The flexible chrome pipe has a rubber inside it as well, and it'll connect up on the male end of the T-Piece. 

The T-Piece is now installed.

Step 2: Install The Faucet


Make sure you’ve got good posture while drilling.

If it’s a deep sink and you need to reach over a lot, you might want to use a block or a step to stand on.

Be sure that you’re not drilling into anything electrical by double-checking underneath.

Drilling The Hole In The Sink Surface

Wherever you decide that you'd like to install your faucet, you need to have a look under the sink to make sure that you can get to it.

Once you insert the faucet, you're going to put a locking nut on the bottom, and you need to be able to get your arm in there to tighten it up. Just make sure that wherever you drill the hole through the top of the sink, you have access from underneath to connect it up with the locking nut. Then you put on the joiner connection and connect the hose to it as well.

Also, make sure that the faucet position will allow the water to fall into the sink.

      1. Choose a place on your sink near the basin and flat enough to drill the hole.
      2. Use a pencil to make a small mark where you want to install your faucet.
      3. Cover the pencil mark with a small piece of electrical tape.
      4. Make another small mark on top of the electrical tape (where you put the first mark).
      5. Use a drill (with a small drill bit) to drill a pilot hole through the electrical tape on top of the mark.
      6. Use a drill (with the half-inch drill bit) to fully drill the hole for the faucet.

Now there's a nice hole in the sink; it’s time to install the faucet.

Install The Faucet

      1. Put the single rubber washer onto the faucet.
      2. Peel the protective coating off the chrome plate and make sure the rubber washer is inside the bottom of the chrome plate.
      3. Slide the chrome plate onto the faucet.
      4. Push the faucet into the new hole in the sink.
      5. Take the black plate, locking washer and nut (in that order) and screw it onto the bottom of the faucet from underneath the sink, and tighten it up with a spanner.

Connecting The Water Hose To The Faucet

      1. Push the connector onto the bottom of the faucet.
      2. Thread the water hose around the back and connect it up to the faucet.
      3. Put the red clip into the top of the collar.
      4. Push the hose up into the connector.
      5. Put the next red clip onto the collar of the connector to lock it into place.
      6. Run some water through for a minute to clear out any debris from the faucet.

Step 3: Install and Mount Your Water Filter

      1. With a marker pen, mark where you intend to mount your water filter—remembering that we want 30mm (3cm) minimum underneath the system when we remove the housings, and we drop them down to change the cartridges. To be on the safe side, just make sure there is more than enough room underneath.
      2. Drill two pilot holes that line up with your water filter bracket.
      3. Partly screw your two screws into your pilot holes.
      4. Mount your water filter.
      5. Completely screw in your mounting screws with a drill or screwdriver.
      6. Connect up the pipe coming from the T-piece to the pressure limiting valve.
      7. Take off the red clip and put on the John Guest hose, red clip back on.
      8. Connect up the pipe going to your faucet.
      9. Connect red clip.
      10. Begin flushing your cartridges appropriately.

Now you know how to install a water filter under the sink, from start to finish!

Please refer to the instructional video and all instructions above, and contact us if you require any assistance. We’d be happy to help!

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