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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here again. And what we're gonna do now is just install this new Sprite shower filter shower head. It's a fixed head, no hose, just connects straight on to the wall. Now, it's an absolute ripper. It's got a good-sized cartridge inside, and as you can see, we've got a 1/2-inch BSP thread on the end for the Australian standard size fitting. 1/2-inch BSP thread here. Now just something to note, you can't really just screw this one, and I'm gonna put this on so you can see, you can't really screw this shower head straight onto the wall. And the reason for that is because the water is just gonna spray straight out. It does have a bend on the bottom.

But even if I hold that in position, it's still coming out at too much of an angle being a fixed head. So what we're gonna do is put a little 45 bend on it and then we'll put it on there and then I'm gonna have a beautiful shower. So hang on for a minute and we'll get this connected up. Normally I'd run a little bit of thread tape up there around the thread. So we'll just thumb it on, give it a couple of quick wraps around. Clockwise, always put it on clockwise. So that as you're screwing on your connection you're locking the thread tape into place.

So we'll go on first with the little elbow. Now these elbows are on the site, some nice shiny chrome ones to match the shower head. But we'll just put this fellow on here today. Nice rubber up inside the head there, inside the connection where the thread is, and that rubber will seal on here, so I'm not gonna put any thread tape on. When you go to install them, if you can, just have a look at it as I am right now and just try and centralize the thread in relation to the shower. What that'll do, it just makes it easier to spin it on so you can just turn it. And we're gonna just score it. Look at that, beautiful, just straight on. Here we go. I know it was only short, but that's as simple as it is. Off with the old shower head, whatever you've got on there, and put a little bend on there, and there's the shower head. As I say, there's some nice little chrome adapters, nice chrome elbows on the website, not as long as this one, so it'll hold it up a touch higher, but that can be adjusted. No worries at all. And it's just coming straight at me. That'd just be a beautiful seven-stage shower. Enjoy.