[VIDEO] How to install a Sprite Slimline Shower Filter

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Good day, folks. Rod for My Water Filter here today. Back in the shower cubicle and what we're gonna do is install the Sprite Slimline Shower Filter, okay? Now this one here is an absolute ripper. And the bonus is that it's been designed so that the thread connection on the inside here is deep inside as you may be able to see and what that does is when we connect it up we're only gonna take up about 30 millimeters of room.

So when we look at the shower head here, I'm only a short fella but taller people are only just about hitting the shower head. So if we put a normal shower filter on the top of the shower head, it'll come down on their head. Whereas if we put this little feller on, it's only gonna come down by 30 millimeters. So it just doesn't alter the shower too much at all, okay? The other benefit here with this one is it's got the filter life dial on the top.

So it's set on April, we'll just click it across. Now it's set on May. So it's May now. So I would know that in six month's time I'm gonna change it, filing that, you can just click it and keep spinning it all the way around to six months down the track and then it just gives you a reminder when you're ready to change your cartridge, okay? So what we're gonna do is just install this one on the shower now. And just give you a look how it goes on, okay? So give us two secs, we'll just take the shower head off.

The first thing we're gonna do now that we've got it off is run some thread tape on there to make sure that we've got a good seal, okay? Now when we apply our thread tape, we always want to apply it in a clockwise direction so that as we're screwing the cartridge or the filter on, that we're gonna lock the thread tape on, okay? First wrap's the hardest just to hold itself. Keep a good wide spread on your tape. Don't let it come across on the inside and we wrap him around. Alright.

Depending on the thickness of the groove of the thread, it's how much thread tape you need, maybe five or six wraps and you'll be good to go. Then we're gonna get the shower filter, there's that thread. Okay, there is a rubber inside that seals as well as a tape. So I won't get too carried away. We'll just move him up to there, that's beautiful. Then we're gonna need another little bit of thread tape. Make sure we get a good seal on the shower as well.

It'll depend on the quality of your fittings and your age on your fittings possibly on how much thread tape you want. This is all pretty pretty new here and now we got a good rubber rubber, rubber seal here inside this shower head and it's gonna seal on the filter as well. So I believe we'll be good to go, go there. The top here, we can see our date's still set, indicator's set on May. It's very easy to keep an eye on. And there we go, simple as that. Just a few minutes and the Sprite Slimline Shower Filter's installed and you just have lovely chlorinated-free shower, still got plenty of room underneath the shower head for me.

I wouldn't even know that it had been changed. So if you're having trouble fitting something on, this might be an option for you. Thank you.

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