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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is a quick install for the new Sprite seven stage shower filter shower head with shower hose, okay? So, uh, situation is good old half inch BSP Australian thread coming out of the wall. Plumber's tape. Just gonna put a couple of wraps around here. Just quickly wrap it around. Put it on clockwise so it locks on when you install the headpiece. And the first part that goes on is the holder, okay?

And it does have a washer inside. You want to just put a little bit of thread tape on there for extra protection make sure it seals up nicely for us, okay? So first thing, screw this part on. Tight as we can. And that will just about do us. Beautiful. Okay. Step one. And we've got the hose, okay? Couple of, um, protector caps on the ends. Take those off. Okay. One with a nut, that's what's gonna connect up on to the holder.

There's a little black washer that fits inside. So nip the washer inside, no need for thread tape. We're gonna screw them straight on. If you ever have a leak around here or anything like that, feel free to apply some thread tape. No problem at all. Do them up tight, that's good to go there. Get our second washer, put him in. Push it in to the base firm. Okay. And then we're going to uh... Put our shower head on, okay? See the little sticker on the bottom there? You can just pull that off. Just to be uh-- keep it clean. During transportation et cetera. And we're simply gonna screw the shower hose straight on to the shower head. Okay. Now what I like to do, hold him up here in position and just make sure the hose is okay.

Sometimes you might want to spin the hose. So that it hangs nice and neat when you've finished installing it, okay? All right. That's not too bad for us today. We tighten him up, way it fits on, push him down in the holder. Bend him down to the desired height, and there we go, it's as simple as that. Fully installed ready to go. Thanks very much.