How to Install the Stefani Faucet [VIDEO]

The Stefani Chrome faucet is a sturdy brass body tap that is easy to install and suits many push-fit connections. The Stefani Faucet is suitable for the single, twin and triple undersink Stefani range of water filters.

How To Install A Stefani Faucet.

Installing a Stefani Faucet is simple. Watch the video and read the instructions below.

You Will Need:

  • Crescent.
  • Sharp knife.
  • Thread tape.
  • Drill.
  • Towel.
  • Electrical Tape.
  • Pen/Pencil.
  • Hole punch or sharp object.


Wherever you decide that you'd like to install your faucet, you need to have a look under the sink to make sure that you can get to it.

Once you insert the faucet, you're going to put a locking nut on the bottom, and you need to be able to get your arm in there to tighten it up. Just make sure that wherever you drill the hole through the top of the sink, you have access from underneath to connect it up with the locking nut. Then you put on the joiner connection and connect the hose.

      1. Choose a place on your sink near the basin and flat enough to drill the hole.
      2. Use a pencil to make a small mark where you want to install your faucet.
      3. Cover the pencil mark with a small piece of electrical tape.
      4. Make another small mark on top of the electrical tape (where you put the first mark).
      5. Use a drill (with a small drill bit) to drill a pilot hole through the electrical tape on top the mark.
      6. Use a drill (with the half-inch drill bit) to fully drill the hole for the faucet.

Now there's a nice hole in the sink, it’s time to install the faucet.


      1. Put the single rubber washer onto the faucet.
      2. Peel the protective coating off the chrome plate and make sure the rubber washer is inside the bottom of the chrome plate.
      3. Slide the chrome plate onto the faucet.
      4. Push the faucet into the new hole in the sink.
      5. Take the black plate, locking washer and nut (in that order) and screw it onto the bottom of the faucet from underneath the sink, and tighten it up with a spanner.


      1. Push the connector onto the bottom of the faucet.
      2. Thread the water hose around the back and connect up to the faucet.
      3. Put the red clip into the top of the collar.
      4. Push the hose up into the connector.
      5. Put the next red clip onto the collar of the connector to lock it into place.
      6. Run some water through for a minute to clear out any debris from the faucet.
      7. Pour yourself a nice glass of water with your newly installed Stefani Faucet. You’ve done well.

Please contact us if you require any assistance with your installation.

Note: My Water Filter does not currently stock the Stefani Faucet. If you would like to purchase a similar faucet we recommend the product below.