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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is have a look at installing the Stefani faucet, okay? This could be for the single, twin, and triple under sink Stefani range of water filters, okay? So here's the box it comes in, straight out of the bag. Now, we're gonna install it into this sink here, and we've done installations here before, obviously, so we've already got the hole drilled, all right? So there's a nice hole in the sink here and we're going to install it. If you're not aware how to drill a hole in the sink, where to drill it, that sort of thing, just have a look down below, you'll see a link there and have a quick look at the installing and drilling of the sink for the install of the water filter faucet. But today, we're just going to jump straight into it, and we'll install this Stefani faucet and then we'll be good to go. Okay, so pretty simple, this little standard black tab style faucet, and it's got all the parts in a little bag that fit on the shaft to fit him into place, okay? So we'll open him up and we'll get that baby installed in there. Okay, now they're a good little faucet, same as the ones that we use in our systems, and in the sense that, you take the nut off and you've got the quick-connect push-on fitting on the bottom, and we'll show you how to do that in a second. So the faucet's gonna go through the hole like so, okay, and you've got your washers et cetera here. So the first washer that goes onto the shaft is just this rubber washer. See it fits exactly the same size as the bottom of the faucet. Then we've got the chrome plate. Now the chrome plate's generally got a protective coating on it, so just see if you can just get there with your nail and peel that off, and that's just a plastic protective coating to look after the chrome. Peel him off, and we got a nice chrome finish. There's also a thin, black washer that goes underneath that chrome, bowser. And there we have it. Basically that's what's gonna sit above the sink. And we'll push him straight down through the hole, and that's where he goes. Up from the bottom underneath will be a black plate, then our locking washer, and then our nut, okay? So we'll just put those down in underneath. Beautiful. Okay! And we gotta get a little spanner under there, and just tighten him up. Don't wanna overdo it, but we want it nice and firm. Beautiful, okay? And there we go, locked in there, locked in place, ready to go! And now we'll connect up the water hose to that faucet, okay? So we got some good quality water pipe here. Just feed him in around the back. Okay, over the top, and here we have you here ready to go. And then what we've gotta do is add the connector to that, okay? So just taking off the clips, and then this connector is gonna push straight on to the bottom of the faucet. It'll pull down a little bit and it'll lock in place, won't come off. And then we're gonna put our red clip in the top of the collar, like so. Spin him around, it's locked in properly. Then we get our hose, hose has gotta go up in there one and a half centimeters. Beautiful, locks him up into place. Grab our red collar, red clip, lock him into the collar, spin him round, he's locked into place. And then a good... Beautiful, we're good to go! And there you have it, Stefani faucet installed in place. Thank you very much.