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Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is just have a bit of a look at the Elita Pure bench top water filter by Alkaviva, okay? As you can see, we've got some batteries here, we're gonna install those for the LED light indicator, we'll put the cartridge in, show you how easy it is to quickly connect up onto the bench top, and we'll do a quick PH test just so you can see that they really do work well at elevating the PH of the water, okay. So first up, we got a couple of batteries here. Here's the filter, and this one of the reasons that I like this thing, because you can just click a couple of buttons on the top and the back just comes off, very, very easy. Easy to operate, okay?

We got two batteries and they work the LED indicator on the top there so we just pull out this little plastic holder on the back, in with our batteries, and then we just push him back on, okay? Once you push him on, you see there's a bit of a light flash on the top. Now up underneath here, is a little red button. And what we're gonna do is press that red button and hold it on for five seconds and it will flush, sorry, it will flash when it's reset. There we go, five seconds and it's flashed. It's reset and it's good to go. So we do that every time we're replacing the cartridge. Now this is another thing that's just great about this, is how easy it is to replace the cartridge, okay? So basically, we just push him in there like so and see the little, get it center, got a little lever on the bottom, and we just move that lever round and we lock him in place. That's it, cartridge is in. Okay, to take it out, same way, pull the lever off. Pull the cartridge down and out. Here's the cartridge. To replace him, we just put him in, get that lever lock, push it round into place, and it's locked. Batteries are in, cartridge is in. Put the casing back on the bottom.

Once again just clicks up into place very nicely, okay? So we'll spin him around. Okay. Same as any other bench top water filter diverter. This is how they come supplied, good quality lever style diverter, okay. Female thread to go onto a female threaded tap faucet's thread or there's always a couple of different adapters, different sizes or if it's male, or if it's a male thread. So we got a female diverter here and we're just gonna simply screw off the aerator off the end of our tap. Okay, that'll allow us to screw on, make sure you got your black washer inside, and then we're gonna screw that straight onto our diverter. Mkay? That's pretty simple, that's simple as it is, and we're just gonna spin him around.

Okay, that'll always spin. Sometimes you wanna put a tool on there, give it a nip up, don't any air leaking, get him up nice and tight, okay? Don't need the male adapters today because we just got a nice normal female thread, okay? The hose can be cut to length. You can spin it around, put him however we want him to go on the system, how it fits nicely, okay? Now with the filter, as you can see underneath, we just got this little Jongus connection. That can be moved, comes out this side right here. It can be moved and come on a straight angle, or it can also nip out this other side, depending on the positioning, where you're gonna put it on the bench. When you've worked that angle out, it's just a normal push in Jongus connection. And it's gonna go in about 1 1/2 centimeters and we just push him straight in. And you'll feel it go in. It'll push in and it'll lock, and that will not come out. The only way you'll got that out is to push the collar in.

Once that collar's pushed in on the fitting, it'll pull straight out, very easy. Push him in and he's locked in. That will not come out, that's locked in and solid. As you can see, it sits there nicely. Then when we get him and lift him up, there we go, it's sittin' and positioned, very good, ready to go, okay? Now from there, we can basically just turn on the tap. You'll see it's gonna flow into the sink very nicely. Okay, and then we can just lift up the diverter and what that's gonna do is push the water around to the filter. As with any filter, when you first start it up, put the new cartridge in, you wanna give it a flush. I'd be giving this a flush at least for five minutes, okay? So you can get a jug, put a jug underneath. Press the button on top. It'll cough and sputter a bit to start because there's a bit of oxygen still in the system, et cetera, but as you can see, the water's just pouring into the jug. There's quite a good flow rate. When the jug's full, press the button and turn him off, okay? We'll do a couple o', okay. And see that the water's coming through nicely now, the oxygen's outta the filter and we got a nice flow that's through the system there now, okay?

There's a few liters through there already, okay? So as you can see, very simple design, very simple to use, just the press of a button and you're good to go, okay? I'll just do a quick little PH test here. Just so's you can see how well they do elevate the water. Okay, so this is just normal water. Just got about 15 mils of water there and we put in a little bit of the solution, PH drops. Whoop, as you can see, it's a little bit yellowy-greeny, so we're looking at about a 7 PH, bit below, 6.8 PH there, okay? And we'll tip that one out there, give it a quick wash out. Get some water out of this one, whoop. (light music The roll there. As you can see, folks. An amazing difference in a very short amount of time. So if you want the high PH water, this is gonna be about 9 1/2 PH water to start this system, as you can see, it took it from 6 1/2, 7 PH, straight up to 9, 9 1/2. It elevates the water very well, it has a good flow rate, it has good filtration. And they're very easy to use, assemble, change the cartridges, everything like that. So if you think this is the one for you, take a look and good luck to ya. Thanks very much.

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