[VIDEO] Stefani 12L Ceramic Purifier - Installation Guide

In this article, you’ll learn How To Install the Elita Pure Alkaline Water Ionizer Benchtop Water Filter by Alkaviva.

One of the reasons I love this thing is because it’s just so easy to install and operate.

You start by putting two batteries into the machine to get the LED light indicator working.

Once you push the power button on, you’ll see there's a bit of a light flash on the top.

Up underneath, on the other side, there is a little red button. Push that and hold it for five seconds, and it will flash when it’s reset and ready to go. We do that every time we're replacing the cartridge too.

How To Install The Elita Pure Benchtop Water Filter By Alkaviva:

Install The Cartridge

Insert your cartridge, using the lever at the bottom to tighten it up and lock it in place into the filter.

Install The Diverter

Do this by unscrewing the existing diverter with an adjustable wrench or spanner and screwing on your new diverter.

Install The Hose

You’ll notice there is a little John Guest connection underneath the filter. You can feed your hose through either of those routes and click it into the connection. When it comes time to remove this hose, simply push in the collar and pull on the hose.

Flush Your Cartridge

You’ve just installed a new cartridge, so it needs to be flushed for 5 minutes before pouring any water to drink.

Turn on the tap, and let it flow into a container for 5 minutes, and pour the water over the garden.

The Alkaviva Elita Pure Alkaline Water Filter Delivers Their Promise

In the video above, I took 15ml of water from the tap and tested the pH. It read about 6.8pH.

I then took the pH of the water coming from the Alkaviva Elita Pure Alkaline Water Filter, and it read about 9.5pH, so it works extremely well.

You can order a pH test kit to test the pH of any water supply.

Product Update:

We no longer stock this product. Our recommendation as a substitute is the UltraStream Hydrogen Rich Ioniser Water Filter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d be delighted to help.