How to Change the Cartridge in your Filteroo Gravity Fed Stoneware Water Filter

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Hello! Andrew, here, and in this video we're gonna do a quick video on how to replace the cartridges on the Filteroo.

So, first things first is you will have a cartridge in your Filteroo that needs to be replaced and you would've ordered another cartridge for your Filteroo. So in this one, here, we have the Doulton cartridge and I'm gonna just replace it with the Ultra Ceram cartridge.

Super simple process, anyone can do it. And I'll just run you through it right now. So, just so you know, if you've got a 12 liter or a 10 liter, process is exactly the same, nothin' to worry about. I'm just gonna do it here on the 12 liter just so you can see.

So the first step is we're gonna have to take the cartridge out of the Filteroo. So I'm just gonna put this down here and you'll see inside here the old cartridge. And the first step is that we're gonna have to get this out. So I'm going to grab something so that I don't have to touch the cartridge. So I'm gonna grab the bubble wrap that was on the outside of that cartridge and I'm gonna use that to hold the cartridge so I can get to the bottom.

And we're just gonna undo this cartridge like this, pull the cartridge out, let's put this down, and if this is an old cartridge, you just throw this away. But this is not an old cartridge so I'm just gonna put it back in this box right here. All right and we get the new cartridge. It's the Ultra Ceram. Fantastic cartridge. Got great test results. Little bit stuck in the box, here. One second, let me just get it out. There she is.

Comes in another box as well. Keeps them nice and safe. It's also got a nice bubble wrap plastic around it so keeps it nice and safe, but you can use it, also, to install the cartridge. So I'll just pull it up. Just in the same way that we took the cartridge out, we wanna use this to put the cartridge in.

Now it will have a washer on the inside of the nut so you wanna leave the washer on. And if it comes not on when you get it in the box, just put the washer on, so that it's on before you stick it into the top tank. So we're gonna pick up the top tank now. So just gonna pick this top tank up, we're gonna stick it through the hole like that and then just screw the nut on. Simple as that. So super easy.

You wanna tighten it just so that you've got a good, firm grip on it so you can't push it any further by hand. So just hand tighten it, that's enough.

You don't want it to be lose enough that the water can get around the nut because then you're not filtering the water properly. But as long as you've got the nut on with a good, nice hand tightening, you'll be fine. So, once it's done, the candle's in, once the candle's in, you're just gonna put the top tank in the bottom tank.

And when you get a cartridge, you're gonna wanna flush it. So, to flush the cartridge, you're just gonna wanna pour about three top tanks worth of water through the candle and then all that water's gonna fall in the warm tank. You can use that water on your garden or anything that you wanna do. But there'll be a bit of black carbon come through cuz these have got carbon on the inside of these candles.

Once you've done that you can just fill it up, let the water come through and put the lid on and put it back to wherever you have your beautiful Filteroo and you're done. So I hope that helps.

That's how to change the cartridge for the Filteroo. Enjoy.

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