MWF 20" x 4.5" Twin Whole House Rain Water Tank Filter System Complete with Ultraviolet Light Product Spotlight

Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here. This is the MWF 20” by 4.5” Twin Whole House Rainwater Filtration System with Ultraviolet Light. This is a unique system if you're on rainwater. We've been selling it for many years and never had any trouble with it. We have had different UV systems over the years and, as you can tell now, we've got the quality UV Guard that goes with this system.

You've got your rainwater tank or your water coming over to your pump. We’re now pushing the water towards the home from the pump, and after the pump on the pressure side, we want to apply our water filtration and then sterilisation.

Filtration Process

This first filter here is generally we use for rainwater. A Five Micron Pleated Sediment Cartridge that's taking the lumps and bumps and dirt out of the system.

We use the pleated design because you can easily clean the sediment off. The V-insert design gives you a massive more surface area than just a normal Polyspun water filter. So, the water flows through these very easily. There’s minimal backpressure.

Pleated Design

Then into the Carbon Bock Cartridge. It's silver impregnated carbon block to stop any bacteria from growing. This carbon block will take care of herbicides, pesticides off the roof, that sort of thing, and make the water tastier. That's coconut carbon to polish up the water.

Coconut Carbon

Easy Installation

They're straightforward to install, come with a good booklet. It's all there. It's, you know, even with the UV Guard ones.

Ultraviolet Treatment

The water travels through the system. The UV light penetrates through into the water. Any bugs going through this system are killed and disposed on the other end.

UV Diagram

Water Tank Types

If you've got a concrete water tank, the lime will be leaching out of the concrete tank walls. You should have seven pH water going through this system and into your house. You're good to go.

Concrete Water Tank

If you've got any other form of tank, so there's no lime leaching out of the walls, plastic, Aquaplate, steel, stainless steel, a big line of bag tanks, all of those tanks, don't have any interaction with the water from the lime, so they will still produce acidic water. If you've got blue-green staining in the basin in your house or you get a pH test kit, and you just test your water. If the water is down around the six marks, acidic rainwater, then you might want to have a look at the pH Elevation Vessel as well to get the pH up for your water if your water's going through into the house at 6.8.


Give us a call by all means. We can help in any way, and we'd love to hear from you. These are rock-solid, been selling them for years, never have any problems with them. They're at a fair price in the market. So, if you're good to go with that, these will take care of you nicely. Thank you very much.

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