Limetron Hard Water Conditioner Product Spotlight

Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here and I would like to introduce to you our number one solution for limescale and hard water problems. It is the Limetron Hard Water Conditioner.

Solves Mineral Buildup in you Home’s Pipelines

It is excellent for any type of water where the minerals in the water are creating a mineral buildup called limescale. You will see these mineral deposits in different forms. It builds up inside your incoming water pipes to your home and slows the pressure and flow rate. Outside it blocks the sprinklers and stunts the garden growth. It can create a fine, white powdery crystal growth on your tapware which eats the metal away.

You will see the horrible buildup on your shower glass that has slowly etched and eaten away, which is a pain to scrub and will eventually require replacing. You will find white staining where the water dries on your sink and glassware, basically wherever the water dries; there’s a mineral deposit left behind. It makes for hard work throughout the home, trying to stay on top of it.

Mineral Buildup

Cleaning requires a lot of your energy and precious time and worst of all, it costs you money. Every year, it can average out to cost up to $800 more to live in a home with hard water than to live in a house with soft water.

We replace the washing machine, the dishwasher and the shower glass. We pay for the repairs on the hot water system and air conditioner. We pay the extra energy bills as for every one millimetre of limescale buildup on the element in the hot water system. It costs an additional 10 to 15% to heat the water.

Powerful Hard Water Conditioner

The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner is solid, made from durable, long-lasting stainless steel pipe with a unique patented catalytic alloy core.

When water flows through the Limetron, a small electrical charge is created between the alloy and the stainless steel outer casing, transforming the calcium and hard water ions into a microscopic calcium carbonate crystal form. This new form does not stick to surfaces in the same way that Limescale does, stopping hard water scale building up in your plumbing and appliances. This unique, high performance, a hard water conditioner is perfect to be installed on any water pipe flowing into your home or business regardless of where the water is sourced.

Transforming Hard Water Ions

It can even be attached directly onto ball pumps, after pressure pumps, on incoming water pipes or from ball water holding tanks. You will be battling to find a better treatment device for hard water than this.

Durability and Quality

It has a plastic-free, robust stainless steel housing combined with a long-lasting alloy centre core. It has a strong, unbreakable design engineered to stand the test of time. The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner is an industry leader in the prevention of limescale.

Trusted Manufacturer

It is manufactured in Great Britain by Fluid Dynamics, a family-owned company who have been manufacturing water conditioners for over 50 years. In that time, they have produced over 300,000 devices exported to 40 countries. It is time tested and proven to be an excellent method to treat hard water all over the world and nowhere in Australia.

Protect your Home and Save Money

It is maintenance-free, so you can just install and forget. The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner comes complete with the 12-month money-back guarantee, a 10-year warranty, a 15-year life expectancy and I know in Great Britain, they are still working after 20 years.

It will stop the limescale eating away at tapware and prevent your soap from lathering and damaging your hair and skin. It is environmentally friendly and creates no wastewater and water treated by the Limetron is beneficial for your garden and plant growth.

Botanical Garden

Size Options

It is available in three sizes, measured by the flow rate you need for your home or commercial use.

For most families here in Australia, it is the half-inch Limetron size used for maximum performance. It is suitable to run a two-bathroom home with washing machine, dishwasher and kitchen running at the same time.

The half-inch size treats water at its optimum with a flow rate from three litres to 21.9 litres per minute even if one tap is on; the Limetron is working for you.

Australian home pipework is usually 3/4 inch, so we have included with every half inch Limetron; two half-inch to 3/4 inch adaptors for each end to connect on to a 3/4 inch Australian pipework. As it is only 215 millimetres in length, there is no water pressure loss in your home.

If you have a minimum flow rate requirement of 22 litres per minute to 44.9 litres per minute, then you will need a 3/4-inch Limetron.

If your Limetron flow rate requirement is 45 litres per minute to 74.9 litres per minute, then the one-inch Limetron is for you. This product goes all the way up to 16 inches in size for commercial and industrial applications, and if you have hard water challenges in your business or industry, please get in contact because this product is the next generation of hard water solutions.

Easy to Install

A qualified person can install one in about an hour. You can have it anywhere on your incoming mains water line to treat all your water flowing into your home or onto your garden, or it also works great just before a whole house water filter.


The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner will pay for itself and save you hundreds of dollars each year just on running costs alone.

The best solution to solve your hard water problems. It has one-year money-back guarantee, 10-year warranty and 15-year life expectancy which will save you money. Stops all the hard scrubbing and make living in your home a whole lot nicer, then this Limetron Water Conditioner is for you.

Clean, soft water for everyone in your home is just a beautiful way to live. Enjoy.

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