Clean Water Solutions and Water Filters for Perth

Perth is the capital and largest city in Western Australia with a population that exceeds 2 million. The city is built on water. It is set along the famous Swan River and the Indian Ocean, and amongst all this natural water there are 11 dams and reservoirs to sustain the population during the year. 

The city of Perth usually experiences hot and dry summers so the population is usually on high alert trying to reduced water wastage. Due to our desert like summers, you need to considered where our drinking water comes from right?

Clean Water Solutions for Perth 

Perth’s Drinking Water

Perth’s major water source comes from underground, direct from the water table. We get about 40% of our water supply from underground and because its coming from below the surface it does need to be treated. The Water Corporation treats the ground water with chemicals to clean it and it also alters the taste and smell of the water. This is one of the reasons why a lot of people buy filters or bottle water.

Who controls our water?

The Water Corporation controls Perth’s main water supply, and have set guidelines to help monitor the quality of Perth’s drinking water. These guidelines and policies are implemented in to ensure our water is safe for you and your family to drink.

MORE> Drinking Water Quality Policy and Water Source Protection Policy

Bore water

You might also be familiar with the term “Bore Water”? Well perth has about 80, 000 houses with their own groundwater bores which means they are taking water right from the water table. 



It helps reduce the use of the city’s drinking water but it cannot be consumed by humans. It often contains pesticides, bacteria, and industrial chemicals which is harmful to us and needs to go through treatment before we can drink it. This is why water bores are heavily regulated by the Water Corp.

What Lurks in Perths Tap Water

Its great that the Government takes care of our drinking water and that bore water is regulated. However despite the guidelines that are meant to protect our drinking water, research is always coming out and proving that the chemicals used to improve the quality and taste of our water can also put your health at risk. There are also signs of other chemical risks which are out of their control. For example:

  • Fluoride is added as a health requirement to promote prevention of tooth decay.
    WARNING... Excessive content of fluoride in water may cause dental fluorosis that may lead to brittle bones and teeth.
  • Chlorine is added to groundwater to eliminate disease causing bacteria.
    WARNING... Chlorine is also a highly reactive compound that may cause digestive discomforts, skin irritation, and may increase the risk of cancer.
  • Copper in drinking water is controlled by the Water Corp. Low levels promote good health.
    WARNING… Excess copper can makes its way into your water via the pipes it travels in and can cause nausea, headaches, gastric discomfort and at extreme levels liver damage.
  • Arsenic is a natural element found in the earth’s soil and is harmless in tiny amounts.
    WARNING Groundwater bores are highly at risk of contamination with the dangerous arsenic as it seeps through soil into the water. Increased levels of Arsenic in the body may cause poisoning and death.

Is there something you can do?

You need not be afraid nor give up on drinking tap water. The Water Corp does indeed remove harmful components in water but with such large volumes we cannot always be sure we are 100% safe. We also don't need the excess chemicals they add to our supplies in our bodies.

So if you want to keep your families drinking water safe, a sensible solution is to have your own water filtering system at home.

Water filters vary depending on what you need, your budget and where to use it. Water Filters vary from countertop, reverse osmosis, water tank filters and more.

Where to get your water filter from?

You can purchase a range of water filters online or offline just by searching. However, not all water filters are actually certified or work to the degree you need them too. Dont throw your money away on poor quality filter's. Check if they have been tested and certified.

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