pH Strips Allow You To Test The pH And Chlorine Level Of Your Drinking Water Within Minutes. 

If you use an Alkaline Water Filter, then you may be interested in routinely testing your drinking water to ensure it's correct pH level. 

pH strips are particularly handy for those who MUST consume high alkaline water, or those who suspect their water is below 7pH. 

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How To Use pH Strips To Test Drinking Water


Simply take a 15ml sample of your water and add 1-2 drops of the solution into the sample. The colour of the solution is then matched to the colour chart for an accurate pH and chlorine level reading. 

You can use pH strips to test the pH or chlorine level of your pool, spa and even your saliva.  

The pH Strip Colour Chart Illustrates A Scale Between 4-10 pH

4-6pH = Acidic  

7pH = Neutral

8-10pH = Alkaline 


About the pH scale

The pH scale goes from 0-14.

0 is pure acid and 14 is pure alkaline.

We always recommend consuming water at 7pH or higher for optimal health.

A pH test strip reading of 7 tells us that the body is in a healthy pH range, while a reading lower than 7 can eventually be accompanied with health challenges. Even a slightly acidic pH can impact a person in pretty big ways. 

Prolonged periods of acidity in the body creates an environment of inflammation or dysfunction, a situation most of us are looking to avoid. 

Know Your Drinking Water


While it's very easy to nip down to Bunnings or Chemist Warehouse to pick up a pH test strip kit, you could be buying anything. The test kit below is specifically designed to test pH and Chlorine. 

If you have any questions, please contact us. We'd be very happy to assist.



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