Benchtop Water Filters are one of the easiest and most affordable solutions for improving the quality of your drinking water.

Known for their portability and ease of use, Benchtop Water Filters come in a range of styles and cater for various filtration methods, which range from bacteria treatment to chlorine and fluoride removal.

The best thing about Benchtop Water Filters is that you can turn your own tap water into beautifully tasting, crystal pure drinking water that will make boutique bottled water seem average.

We’ve put together a list of Benchtop Water Filters that suit a variety of different situations to help you decide which filter is the best one for your kitchen.

What Is A Benchtop Water Filter?

A Benchtop Water filter is a point of use water filtration system that is installed directly at your kitchen water tap or on the countertop.

Many benchtop water filters are installed at your kitchen sink with a faucet that dispenses purified water straight into your glass. Others are portable and gravity-fed water filters, which means they can be placed anywhere in the house/office.

Our Top 5 Benchtop Water Filters in 2023:

Big Berkey: Best Gravity Fed Water Filter.

Ultrapure Aragon Twin Benchtop: Best Benchtop Water Filter For Fluoride Removal.

Ultrastream Alkaway: Best Benchtop Water Filter For Alkaline Water.

Ultrapure Triple Benchtop with Alkaline and Fluoride Removal: Best Benchtop Water Filter For The Family.

Filteroo Ceramic: Best Water Filter For Style.

Types Of Benchtop Water Filters

If you’ve decided that the best Water Filter for you is a Benchtop Water Filter, then you’re in the right place. Now you need to decide what type of cartridges to use.


A Carbon Benchtop Water Filter is great if you are looking to remove odour and improve the taste of your water by removing Chlorine. Activated carbon binds contaminants on the surface of the carbon filter rather than physically absorbing them.

Activated carbon is highly effective as a water filter because it removes toxins from the water without stripping the water of essential salts and minerals.


A Ceramic Benchtop Water Filter is perfect for removing bacteria and cysts. A Ceramic cartridge removes contaminants through mechanical filtration by having millions of very tiny ceramic pores. These pores filter out silt, sand, dirt, sediment and bacteria.


Made by Geyser, Aragon is a unique product and a filtration media of its own kind.

The sad events of the Chernobyl nuclear accident allowed the creators of Aragon to use synthesised polymer materials for the clean up of radioactive water. Further investigation in the field of synthesis allowed them to create a new material which they named Aragon. This material successfully removes scale, viruses, bacteria and heavy metals.

Aragon cartridges treat the water simultaneously by mechanical adsorption and ion exchange methods.

Reverse Osmosis

A Reverse Osmosis system is excellent in cities and is one of the highest forms of filtration methods possible.

The only downside is that there is a lot of water wastage as the RO system splits the water and sends 50% of it down the drain with the contaminants.

Check out the Buyers Guide to Reverse Osmosis to learn more. 

How To Choose A Benchtop Water Filter

1. Understand What’s Wrong With Your Water

You need to know what you want to remove from your water.

Rainwater comes with the challenges of bacteria, sediment and viruses, which can make you very sick. Rainwater is also, in most cases, acidic and eats out the copper pipes in your home, which can lead to detrimental consequences to the pipes in your home. Plus, nobody wants to be drinking acidic water contaminated with copper.

If you’ve got blue staining on your taps or basins, it’s a clear sign your water needs immediate attention. If you’re on rain water, you’ll want to use an alkaline benchtop filter to increase the pH of your water, unless your water is stored in a concrete tank.

City or town water brings a whole laundry list of issues.

The government pump our water supplies with copious amounts of chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals to clean it before it is delivered to our homes. City or town water also comes with the risk of exposure to herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, turbidity and more.

2. Decide The Level Of Exposure You’re Willing To Accept

Choose a water filter that removes the contaminants that you no longer want to consume.

For example, do you want fluoride in your water? Many people are concerned about Fluoride In Drinking Water, so much so that added fluoride is completely banned in Europe.

Fluoride removal is also our most popular range of products. People are worried about fluoride in their water.  

3. Choose A Type

There are three main Benchtop Water Filter types to choose from and largely depend on the size of your family and the water demand:

Benchtop Gravity systems are compact, portable and incredibly easy to use and set up.

Benchtop systems are the most common choice for many Australian families because they offer diverse cartridge options. They are simple to install and create excellent quality water at an affordable price.

Reverse Osmosis systems remove the most amount of contaminants out of these 3 Benchtop options but at a considerable cost to you, the consumer, and the environment. It filters the slowest and will give you water with the least amount of contaminants. 

Reverse Osmosis systems are more expensive and come with a lot of water wastage. It also has a max output of 200ml per hour, so speed could be an issue for bigger families unless a sizeable holding container is used with the unit to store the water.

4. Consider The Style And Design

Since you’re going to put your water filter in your kitchen, it makes sense to get something that looks great with all of your other belongings and the rest of the decor in your home. While it’s less critical for Under Sink Water Filters, having a Benchtop Water Filter that suits the rest of your appliances is going to keep the decorator happy.

Benchtop Water Filters generally come in white, while Benchtop Gravity systems offer more options such as stainless steel, plastic, ceramic stylish stoneware.

What Are The Advantages Of A Benchtop Water Filter?

Pure Water

Honestly, the best reason to buy a water filter is to create your own pure water that you know is absolutely safe to drink.

We provide the world’s best cartridges, and the test results say they create excellent water and remove all the nasties from your tap water.


Benchtop Water filters can be dismantled easily and taken anywhere you go. Whether you are renting or just moving around a lot, you can simply detach your filter and take it with you.


When you install a Benchtop Water Filter, you don’t have to make any permanent changes to your plumbing, and installation is as simple as it gets.

Low Maintenance

Once you have purchased your water filter and installed it, all you need to do is replace the filter. We’ll even remind you when it’s time to replace your cartridges, so you don’t forget. At the very most, you may need to give your cartridge/candle a little scrub with a scotch Brite scourer if it happens to develop a build-up on the outside.


A Benchtop Water Filter is cheaper than most other options, and you won’t need to pay a plumber to install it.

Benchtop Water Filter Vs. Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

A Benchtop Gravity Water Filter is great if you're a single person or couple living together.

They are great little systems because they’re very clean, neat and easy to install and use. You can upgrade to a quality cartridge that removes fluoride, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Benchtop Gravity units are affordable and portable.

A Benchtop Mechanical Water Filter is more suitable for families and more people living in the home.

A Benchtop Water Filter creates water on demand. No more waiting around for the water to filter.

As soon as you turn the kitchen tap on, the filtered water is flowing, and it just keeps going. You can also use it for washing fruit and veggies, whereas you wouldn’t do that with a gravity filter with a limit of 1L per hour.

Lastly, a benchtop mechanical filter gives you a more extensive range of cartridges to choose from.

Benchtop Gravity vs Mechanical Benchtops

Read more: Water Filter Comparison - Benchtop Water Filter Vs. Benchtop Gravity Water Filter

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