[VIDEO] Product Spotlight on Polyspun Sediment Water Filter Cartridge

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Hello Rod from My Water Filter here Today.  


In this video, I would like to introduce you to the first line of protection for any good water filter, the Polyspun Sediment cartridge.


As you can see here, the polyspun sediment cartridge is available in a range of different micron sizes and dimensions to fit any size water filter whether it’s a benchtop, under sink or whole house water filter system.


So why are sediment cartridges so important?

The number 1 reason why a sediment cartridge should be part of any good water filter system is protection.


They protect you, your family and they take the lumps and bumps out of the water to stop your other water filter cartridges from being blocked up by the silt, sand and sediment that flows down our incoming water supplies.


So What is this sediment?


It can be sand, silt, rust, dirt, mud, algae or any other particulate matter that comes down our incoming water supply.


You don’t want to be drinking this and you don’t want your other cartridges to be getting blocked up by this sediment because it reduces the performance of your other cartridges.


That makes the Polyspun Sediment Cartridge a vital part of the filtration process and what is great is that they are the cheapest cartridge by far of any water filter cartridge and they have a 6 - 12 month cartridge replacement period depending on your water quality.


So let’s have a close look at a Polyspun Sediment cartridge.


It is made of spun bonded polypropylene. The manufacturing technique of these cartridges results in no centre core to the cartridge, so it will not restrict the filter performance.



The materials are also resilient and prevent any unwanted build up of bacteria.


The most commonly used sediment cartridge sizes are 10” x 2.5” inch which will fit most benchtop and under sink water filters. And 20” x 4.5” which will fit most large whole house systems.


They also come in 9” x 2.5” and other sizes smaller than that for benchtop and under sink water filters. And they come in 10” x 4.5” and 20” x 2.5” for smaller whole house systems.


What about the Micron Filtration Size? Polyspun Sediment cartridges also come in a range of different micron filtration sizes.


This is too hard to see from the naked eye but what you need to know is, the smaller the micron size, the finer the sediment it will trap and the more protection it will provide.


Generally, a 1 micron size is great for benchtop and under sink systems and 5 micron is the most common for whole house systems.


To find out what size cartridge you have, simply remove the polyspun sediment cartridge from your current water filter system and measure the height and the diameter.  


It’s always best to remove it from your water filter to check just in case you have a uniquely sized sediment cartridge.


Whatever the size, just let us know and we will be able to help you with replacing your sediment cartridge whenever it is required or the replacement period up.


And when you purchase your cartridges through My Water Filter you will automatically be notified via text when your cartridges need to be replaced so you don’t even need to remember.


They are very easy to replace, Simply remove the cartridge housing that holds your sediment water filter cartridge, empty the cartridge housing of any water, remove the cartridge, replace with the new cartridge and screw the cartridge housing back on and you are done.


 A job that can be done in minutes.


If your water flow from your water filter starts to slow, it could be a sign that your sediment cartridge is blocked.  


To ensure it is the sediment cartridge that is blocked, simply remove the sediment cartridge, replace the housing without the sediment cartridge inside.


If your water flow has returned to normal, then your sediment cartridge is block and needs to be replaced.  


This can happen at any time if the water board flushes their pipes which is a good reason to have a sediment cartridge to protect other cartridges in your system, your health, your home and your appliances.


We highly recommend you use a sediment cartridge to remove the lumps and bumps from the water to provide the best protection for you and your family.


That’s it from me folks for this video for the polyspun sediment cartridge.