[VIDEO] Water Tank UV - How to Set Up Your Whole House Rain Water Tank Filter System with UV Light

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Good Day folks Rod from My Water Filter here today


And just gonna spend a couple of minutes with you and just give you a little bit of a hand on how the rain water filter systems go together with Ultraviolet light.  


So it's pretty easy and we'll just explain a few things about it. When you get it, lay it on the table have a look at it.  


And any dramas talk to us by that is pretty easy and as long as a competent persons are available, then you shouldn't have too many worries.


So that's a two-stage process and Ilike to treat it in a couple of different stages.

We do the water first, no electricity involved. And then after that we'll look at the electricity side of it.


Once we've turned the water on and the pumps been switched on and off the taps turned on and off and we know we'vegot no leaks and it's all nicely sealed up and then we'll apply the electricity ok so basically this is  the water filter itself.


As you can see it's second to none it's just an absolute ripper system solid as a rock so waters in coming here on the decide and to 1 inch BSP thread. So if you want to take it down to three quarter inch it’s just a simple push to scroll down to three quarter and the water comes in here.  


This one here is the depleted sediment filter cartridge and obviously that goes over here in position number one and it'll take the lumps and bumps at the water it is plated.


So with that  any stage you thought that you were losing a little bit of pressure in the house etc.You can simply you turn the water off remove this housing and remove the cartridge.


Just be gentle with it not using a pressure cleaner or anything crazy just give it a nice gentle hose off and get as much garbage and sediments come off as you can put it back in.


It should fire up and it'll go again with the plates in there it gives them a lot of surface area i can hold a lot of contamination.


And that's what we use them to give you guys the best shot that we can.


After the water flows out of that side of the system it flows into the second housing here.


And that's where we've got the silver impregnated carbon block cartridge alright.And having the silver in there stopped in a year bacterial growth in the cartridge etc.


They are available in applying style if you like but because the water is untreated that's the one we used in that situation once again just to give you our best shot.  


They're not really washable but they're well protected by this first cartridge.


Normally you'll give those to change it annually every 12 monthssomething like that anyway.


Exactly the same thing one inch PSP threading the top can screw a three-quarter inches reducer or etc into that you desire.  


And now  that's very simple couple of gauges on the top give you no idea what pressure is pushing on the system and how its traveling okay.


So pretty much you get audio system to take screws in the top bring them into the wall of the frame or whatever you're going to attach it to


And there you have it the system will be sitting out there like that comes complete with the housing tools that should be in your box exception to take the cartridge housings off and that sort of thing so we're pretty good to go .


Eventually you do turn the water on a couple of red valves on the top there that you can press and help let the the air and that sort of thing and also bleed a bit of pressure off.


So I think we're good to go.  


There it is fairly simple the filter system and housing does all the work for you got to do is ensure that you connected up properly i guess one thing that might suggest that this point of time is on the incoming side here i would put on off tap so you can shut the water off right here at the filter.


And also after the system after the UV we'd have a second on/off tap so you can completely isolate the system is required if you want to change your cartridge or change the globe or whatever it might be ok so pretty happy there.


I'm just going to move the easy out of the road and give us a little bit of room here now.And then the second component obviously is the UV light.  


So just take the chamber at first and as you can see the beauty threads of nature each side near the situation here with this one is this can pretty much be mounted however you'd like it to go


But the secret is wherever you mounted to be right now any longer think so if you mounted horizontal like this when you go to change the globe.


You screw the cap off the end you go to take the globe AR out you're gonna need another 890 probably one made up just make sure you're going to lay out later of clearance and so  whatever in you're going to be able to change the global all right if it goes vertical that's not a problem either just ensure that we are sliding the globe in from the top.


So the bottom will stay sealed up there.

So once again let's suggest that we're just going to assist we're going to manage here.  


Water coming out of the system and one-inch PSP threads on either end and we're just going to put the water in one end and then will flow the water at the other end and it's going to go into the home.  


The business or whatever it is that you might be using it for.So that's just simple pipe work in in the system is a couple of brackets that you hold it on with once again two screws your zip ties into the wall pick up the UV and just push it straight into these clips and that's going to hold it in place alright .


Once it's held in place inside the system here you've got a glass and the globe. So what we're looking for first is the glass.  


In the box here you see there's a couple of o-rings. And on the end of the cylinder this end here is the end that we're gonna  slide it in out of it's the end where the earth is its the end with the power is going to go on.


So we simply get the glass and we slide it all the way down through the center of the chamber.We slide the o-ring on the glass from either end and then we screw the nuts on them again.Second the same with this end.  


When you do 'em up you tighten them up as tight as you can by hand all right. you shouldn't need to use a spanner we don't want to crack the glass .


But you're just tighten up as tight as you can by hand get them as tight as you can.


Now once that glass is inside and it's all tightened up that system can be turned on we can get the water flowing turn it on and off like i said before.  


Make sure there's no water leaks nothing at all we're all happy and good to go.


Once we've achieved that then we can say all right stage two and now we're gonna look at the electrical side of it.  


When we do the electricity is the second part and this is our UV globe.  


When you first get your system just get the UV globe get the electrical ballast which is only a normal three-pin plug on this end here we've got the pins and what we do is we get the glass pull it out of here we slide the globe insidethe glass inside the tube.


Just go straight down the middle, I'll pull it out. That glass will get slid down the inside of the glass tube and then on this end here is a simple plug is gonna push on the end.you've got your earth wire you can see the little nut there.  


The earth wire just locks onto that nut alright. Wherever you've got it situated this is the electrical box and it's not waterproof.  


This chamber is that this box electric component is not so we've got to keep it dry. Needs to mount it in a shed have a good cover over or something like that when this is
connected up together.


I'm just going to do it just gonna take a bit of a thought about water and condensation.Because it can have an effect on these systems. This is connected into our UV globe.

What we don't want to see is the wire running like that or right up in the air like that.  


Condensation will get onto this and it'll rundown have it everyday/The water will slip through the rubber.


Will get into the end here block the light out and the whole lot is gonna stop.So to regardless of whatever position you decide to mount it in wire is going to come out and come down.  


It can look down and then up again it can do whatever shape or fancy you hanging over your like it's gotta come out of the end of the light and it's got a loop dow.


So any condensation comes down and the condensation will drip off the bottom of the top of the power cord.  


Look at the other end once that's connected up it's just a three-pin plug these globes are susceptible to power surges at once you turn it on and you're using it.It can stay on for as long as it needs to.


They'll just stay on the whole year. They good for 9,000 hours so the good for one year when you are gonna plug it into the power point.


What you really need to do is have some form of RCD.A trip meter it can be just a power pack with little red button on it or a computer one that plugs in three-pin plug on plugs in but just some form of trip meter that just stops the globes from blowing because they are susceptible to blow.


So once you plug it in there turn it on.Just check it out make sure it's all working ok the lights lit up and she's pretty much good to go.  


The globe is going to run for 12 months 9,000 hours and after that point of time the globe will still stay on so don't get caught out it's lost its killing capacity of the bugs.


One couple tips that will just quickly run through alright. That's why I left a part for you so we can just have a bit of a look here is the globe every 12 months 9,000 hours.


When you change the globe this is the glass tube this glass tube has got to be clean.  It's a waste of time having a good globe inside a dirty tube alright.Because the globe just cannot penetrate the light through the glass and into the chamber.


If this is all dirty some other people using this with bore water and a lot of calcium in the water so it's all calcified and white.  


To waste of time it's just not working so you're just going to keep an eye on this and make sure that it's clean.


So when you change your globe at a minimum just pull this glass out and give it a wipe over and make sure it's nice and clean.  


If you got real bad water at feel free that they're not very expensive 40 bucks for 50 bucks get a new globe glass and give it a good  clean or  replace it as  required.  


But i fairly basic very easy to use and once you start having a bit of a play with it you'll see that it's not too much to it at all.  


The other thing I might just mention to you see the sticker in front of the filter housings.


Will tell you how many kilopascals that the system is good for please take a look  at it and adhere to it.


Have a little bit your pump once again its basic stuff like the good for 70 psi liquid quality products.


But if you haven't got that make sure you put a pressure limiting valve on before the system just so you don't go blowing everything up anything like that.


If you go away on holidays feel free to turn the system off its not gonna heard it it will be working fine.


When you come back from holidays or when you turn it on whenever you turn the UV globe on it takes time to warm up as it goes through the different stages.


So don't think that you can just turn your globe on and off whenever you want to turn the tap on our for i don't think that you can just turn the globe on is she's good to go.  


And then I just started using the water straight away give it even 15 minutes to warm up and get the globe up to its full working capacity.


And then once you achieve that let's start running some water throughout may good to go.


So well  i hope that just helps you a little bit in installing it and should be a has a good clean bacteria free water.


Thank you very much!


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