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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what I want to quickly have a look at is just a couple of different styles of Benchtop Gravity Filters. Now this here is the ceramic style, and this is maybe a cheaper version of a gravity filter. Now the two different styles here, is the ceramics has a top tank and a bottom tank, much like this one here, but on these ones here, the top tank is actually inserted inside the bottom tank. So these will never leak, they're sort of fail proof, and you can't muff 'em up too much. So the tank sits inside the bottom tank, so you come along, you lift the lid off, oh yeah, it'll take a bit of water. You can just keep tipping water into that until it's full to the top, and the water will filter down through the candle, collect in the bottom tank, it's never going to leak. With these models here, and whether it's this one, they're all the same. This top tank sits on top of the bottom tank. So the top tank, it's not sitting inside, it's just completely sitting on top. Now what happens is, as you can see today, here's the water level here.

So we've applied some water to this filter today. This is one we use here. Now the water level's here currently. We've still got almost a couple of inches of air space, so we can get a couple more inches of water into this. Up the top we've got an inch of water. This is going to work a treat. That water's going to filter down through the candle, and it's going to collect in the bottom tank, and it's going to fill this bottom tank up to about here. If we got a jug of water now and we fill the top tank up with water, while this bottom tank is still three quarters full, as the top tank of water starts filling up, filtering down, it's going to fill this bottom tank up until it's at capacity.

Once the bottom tank is full and water continues to flow from the top tank into the bottom, these have a little overflow hole, and the water's going to slowly trickle out. All the water will slowly filter from the top, but if you haven't used it and created more room in the bottom, it's going to slowly dribble out of the overflow hole, and you'll find it on the bench. You'll come home and you'll have a wet bench. Don't get me wrong, they're a great system, and they work a treat. We use this one here, but you've just got to be aware of how much water you put in the top versus the holding capacity in the bottom. So whatever water we put in the top, just make sure there's enough room in the bottom tank to contain and hold that water once it filters down from the top tank. Thank you very much.