[VIDEO] How to pull the pipe out of a John Guest


Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do, is have a look at these amazing John Guest push-in connections, okay. They seriously are fantastic, all right. They really make water filtration easy nowadays. They're reliable, they're strong, and you need to know how to use them, because if you don't you'll be battling to change the water filter over or even install it, whatever might be going on, all right.

So, what I've got in the right hand here is generally quarter inch water filter water pipe, okay. And a very common size, most common by a mile. And in front of me here, is just some small parts that we use on water filtration. So this little bit here, this is a little John Guest fitting and it's just a joiner, okay. So what you're gonna do with this joiner here, is connect it to the pipe, cause you just push it straight in. That's it. Saw it go in the second bit, goes in about a centimeter and a half, and that's in there.

That will not come off. You can pull that as hard as you think, and you're gonna break something before you pull it out. You just will not pull that out. Normally once it goes in, the collar that's on the end, you can pull the little collar out, and we got these little red clips, and the red clip will just push in there, and what it does, is it centralizes the collar and the pipe, and it stops the pipe bending down at an angle. Stops a little water drips coming out, okay, and stops any leakage, just keeps it nice and central.

Most companies don't even use these red clips. They'll just get there and put the pipes straight in. We do use the red clips, but if you didn't have one it's not the end of the world. Plug the pipe in and it's still gonna work fine anyway, okay. When you water filter, this is how you're gonna see it, red clip into a John Guest fitting. Whether it's a pressure limiting valve like here, or an elbow on the other side of the filter, whatever it is, that's how it'll be, okay.

Now all you gotta do is simply pull off the red clip, okay, just a circle clip style, pull it out. Now once again, you are not gonna pull that out of there. But you can see the color on the end that was held out by the red clip. We've gotta push it in, okay. So hold the blue pipe in the right hand, get the left thumb nail, and push that clip in, all right. So we push the little holder in, and it pulls straight out. You saw how easy that was. We just get it there, push it in, you can't get it out.

Straight off, doesn't matter what it is. John Guest tap, same gimmick. Push it in, it's locked in, that's on there. It's sealed, it's strong, run water through it, high pressure, beautiful, gonna work a treat. Can't get it off. Push that collar in, hold the collar in, pulls straight out, just so simple. Two piece, goes up under the sink for a water filter, okay. Half inch main line runs through, on-off tap, turn the water off. What do we do? Quarter inch water line, push it in. Locked in, can't pull it out, okay.

Red clip goes on, holds it in place, work for 20 years. All right, get your finger, push it in, hold the collar in, just pulls out so easy it's amazing, okay. Pressure limiting valve in your water filter, it's got a red clip on here. We'll have to take the red clip off or there's no chance of pushing that on, okay. Off with the red clip, end's the same as a John Guest fitting. Get the hose, push it in, she's locked on. Not going anywhere. Get your finger, hold that collar in, comes straight out.

On the other side, red clip off, blue hose, straight in, you'll break something trying to pull it. Don't even try, okay? Straight out, okay. Simple as that. Okay, so that's the go, folks. Just take your time, take it easy. Water filtration quite easy made with fantastic parts nowadays, makes it very simple, but just take your time. If you got any dramas give us a ring. We're always happy to help you out. But if you want a change, we'll do something, add something to the system.

And you wanna remove the pipe from any of the fittings that's how you do it. Thanks very much.

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