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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is just have a quick chat on ceramic cartridges, okay? And now the reason I want to do this, is because a ceramic cartridge is not a ceramic cartridge, all right? They are different, they are majorly different, okay? Now, I'll just give you a couple of quick ideas here. We can start a hundred years ago, even longer.

Doulton started making ceramic cartridges, fantastic for the days, repels, stops the bugs, it was magnificent, but the issue nowadays is, those Doulton cartridges, while they still might be good at stopping the bugs, we've got chlorinated water, treated water, water full of chemicals, the government, the Water Board, pumping chloramine gas into our water, and these issues and chemicals just weren't around a long time ago.

While I still like Doulton cartridges, don't get me wrong, they're just not moving with the times at this point in time, okay, and you need a better cartridge than a Doulton Ultracarb or a Doulton Super Sterasyl to treat your water, so it's good for you, okay? So, what can you do nowadays? The Ultra Pure, absolute gold.This company, KLT Industries from England, they care, they test their cartridges like I've never seen any other company test their cartridges, so we are working closely with them, we're right behind them, because it is so exciting that new cartridges are coming out, able to repel viruses, faster flow rates, it's very very special.

This Ultra Pure cartridge here will repel 99.9% of chlorine, chloramine, it's good on the fluoride, it's actually in research and development at the moment, it's in testing and certification at the moment, because of the new cartridge, is going to remove 95% of fluoride as well, so, stay tuned there. If you're using the candles, same thing apply. The old Doulton candle is great, and it still is for repelling bugs, but if you need more than that, then try the Ultra Pure, because the test results are just unmatched, they're just absolutely brilliant.

Candles and gravity filters, okay, Australis, great for the bugs, can even be used on government water, don't get me wrong, but if you're serious, this thing isn't taking the rubbish out, okay? Doulton, once again, great cartridge, great on rainwater, we sell these things every single day to people in rainwater, and that's where I would say, buy one, because they're cheaper than the others, okay, they haven't had the testing and certification, and they haven't got the extra special medias and the charges on the carbon or whatever it takes, but great for rainwater. Ultra Ceram, SCP Plus, great cartridges, Ultra Pure, top of the range.

If in doubt, buy yourself an Ultra Pure cartridge, because it's just got the test results, it's got the greatest company that I know of, creating water filtration in the world, behind it, and they're very special. So, bugs, Ultra Pure cartridges, bugs, pathogenic organisms, bacteria, test results: 99.9999%, you don't get any better than that, so, stay tuned for even better results to come, but if you're looking for a ceramic cartridge, Ultra Pure is the go. Thank you.