[VIDEO] Reverse Osmosis 4000 - Product Spotlight


Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do, is have a look at the two bench top reverse osmosis systems currently known as the RO 4000s, okay? Now, inside the box of these RO 4000s, they're both exactly the same, then it's when we get outside on the top, that this one here, the better model, varies because it's got an alkalizer. So on the inside of these models, you can see the video on the website if you wanna have a good look at what's in them.

But there's basically four cartridges inside this system here, okay? And it's no different to any other RO system, they're all the same, except that these are made with inline cartridges so they're just a bit different to one of the other undersinks that you might have seen before. So basically, with these RO systems, as you can see the diverter on the front, that diverter connects straight onto the kitchen sink tap. You turn the water on, the water falls into the sink like it always does, you've got the little lever on the side, you lift up the level when you want to, the cold water will stop pouring into the sink and it will push the water through the pipe, over into one of these RO 4000s.

The water will come in and it goes through a sediment cartridge, takes the lumps and bumps and dirt out, comes back through a carbon cartridge, takes out the chlorine and the chemical. Although we want it out, it also takes care and protects the membrane in stage three. So sediment carbon membrane, same as any RO, and then the water split as it goes through the RO system, these are about, they've got a good flow restricter on them. And they also have a good flush valve.

So if you ever get any muck in the pipe you can hit that flush valve and shove the water through. They are very slow at creating water, reverse osmosis systems. So most under-the-sink systems will have a tank to store the water into as a back-up, whereas these are for renters or people on the move and they don't have a tank. So basically a bottle or a jug or all of the above. You just connect it up to the sink or you're cooking tea or whatever it might be, and you can just fill up those jugs, bottles, et cetera, store them on the bench, in the fridge, whatever it might be. These are great little systems too for putting in the laundry.

You can get a simple laundry connection, so we just cut the diverter off the end, and we plug that pipe into the 3/4 inch washing machine adaptor. So the washing machine pipe still runs like it always did, we just put a little tap off to the side, and then we can get the water through this water filter and operating in the laundry if that's what you like. Anyway, getting back to the filtration. Once the water goes through the membrane, the water split, a liter down the drain black pipe, one liter out of the blue pipe, which is your good pure water.

Once it comes out of that membrane, that pure water on this little one here, the RO 4000, it's only got four cartridges inside, so it's going sediment carbon membrane, then it goes through the last carbon to polish the water up, after the harsh treatment from the membrane to really squeeze all that contamination out of the water that you don't want. So it'll go through a carbon cartridge, it'll come out the other end. You can get a T-D-S, a Total Dissolved Solid meter if you want.

You can test it, it'll be quite low. The new carbon cartridge sometimes put a bit of T-D-S back in but straight after the membrane it's gonna be quite low, four, eight, something like that. Very low, okay. So there won't be much left in the water after it goes through one of these. The problem with this one is, when it does that filtration, especially through the membrane stripping the contaminant, it strips the mineral out at the same time, this water filter's gonna create acidic water.

So if you wanna clean yourself out, you've been to the doctors and that was his advice, you may come for one of these and give yourself a good clean out. Drinking pH six water will flush the body out. But what we'd prefer you to do, what we feel is healthier for you, what the famous stomach doctors recommend, people must be consuming alkaline water. Hence, this one here. Both these are exactly the same. But this one has the USA Omnipure alkalizer on the top.

Tourmaline beads, blooming, whatever else is in them. Alkaline ceramic balls, and mineralising stones, et cetera. And as the water comes through, it's dissolving this mineral, picking it up in the water, elevating the pH again, and the water that flows out of this system is gonna be more like 8.5 pH. It might even be nine when it's new. Depends on your water a little bit, temperature et cetera. But it'll be high pH.

Over the year, this alkalizer can slowly wear down and the pH level may not be what it was at the start of the year, and I'd suggest it won't be. So the best way to check the life of an alkalizer is to grab a pH test kit, and every now and again you can just do a pH test on the water coming out of this system. When it gets lower than what you'd like it to be, you replace this membrane.

While it's above seven, I'm happy you're drinking water with a pH above seven so we're good to go, no need to replace, okay? So, same filters, RO 4000, been around for years. Create good quality water, very fine and sweet, but this is the one that I highly recommend. Some people who use this six here, might get a jug of water, fill it up with a lemon, tip in some rock salt, sit it on the bench overnight, make your own alkaline water, whatever it might be.

But they're your two choices: six pH, around 8.5, and I hope that helps out a bit. Thank you very much.

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