What’s Inside The Box?

The RO 4000 has 4 cartridges inside the box, no different to any other RO System except that the RO 4000’s are made with inline cartridges so they're just a bit different to other under sink RO systems that you might have seen before.

Inside the box of both RO 4000 models, they're both exactly the same.

RO4000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis system.

RO4000 Benchtop Reverse Osmosis system with Standard Alkaline.

Flush Valve/Flow Restrictor

If you ever get any muck in the pipe of your Reverse Osmosis RO 4000, you can hit the flush valve button and it pushes water through.

Flow Rate and Water Storage

Reverse Osmosis systems are very slow at creating water. You’ll notice a flow rate of about 200ml per minute and most under-the-sink systems will have a tank to store the water in as a backup. The RO 4000 on the other hand, doesn’t have a tank, so owners need a bottle or a jug to store their water.

Great Quality

The RO 4000 has been around for years. It creates great quality water and we highly recommend it.

Our choice is always going to be the RO 4000 with the Standard Alkaliser because we always recommend only drinking water that is 7pH or above.

There really is no better foundation for creating the best water you can with Reverse Osmosis, at such an affordable price.

Click here to read more about Water pH.

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