[VIDEO] My Water Filter Benchtop Reverse Osmosis RO 4000 System - A Look Inside


Good morning folks. It's Rod from My Water Filter here. And what we've got here is the RO 4000. Just thought I'd pull this apart today and just give you a good look inside of it. For when you're changing your cartridge, or bit of a troubleshooting or anything that you might wanna have a little bit of video of and have a look on the inside. So as you can see this is the RO 4000 with the USA Alkaliser.

This is my favorite model and I'm just going to lift the top off of this. Now what I like to do, this is the pipe here for the water running through the alkaliser. So this end here, this is where the water's coming out of the machine, runs through, runs through the alkaliser, elevates the pH of the water, adds beneficial minerals back into the water and then we have our water, pure, high pH flowing out of the end here.

So just before we start, we're just gonna get on the end and we'll remove that pipe. We've got two little buttons at either end, we press them in so we can lift the top up gently. Now there's a gauge on this system and this is the pipe for the gauge here. So I'm just gonna pull that out before I start. We're just gonna sit that off to the side, like so. There's the system here. I'll just give you a quick look in here what I've disconnected.

As you can see, there's our pressure gauge, side pipe and that pipe presses into the membrane here and so we can check the pressure on the gauge. We'll put all that back together as soon as we're finished. In the meantime, that one can just sit here at the right for a minute. Here we have our system here. First time you pull the system apart, what I think is a great idea to do is just to number your cartridges, so you know what order they go in.

This is a diverter that connects onto your tap. Obviously, screws on, pull the diverter on, handle type, whatever sort you've got and the water will flow around the pipe. That water flows in here, under the membrane, let's your water in, flows across, down and it flows in here into the sediment cartridge and obviously you see there I've marked there number one. The water will go through the sediment cartridge. Over here I've marked on the other end number two.

Remembering that all of these filters do have a direction of flow and you need to adhere to that. So number two, by the time the water gets to here, it's been filtered and any sediments been removed, preparing it for the second stage which is the carbon. Obviously, flows up. Here we have point number three.

This is where the water enters the carbon and this carbon here is really preparing the water for the membrane. Cause this membrane here, the large membrane there, that's what's really pulling all of the contaminants out of the water. This one here, the carbon that's preparing it, so it's removing all of the chlorine.

Probably heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides have it too. So the water goes through and comes out of the other end of this carbon cartridge and at that point in time, the water is starting to get reasonably clean. As you can see, flips around, flows into this end of the large membrane, point number five.

The membrane's the heart and soul of our RO system. That's the advantage with the RO systems is the membrane that's inside. As the water flows through the membrane, come up to the top end, I showed you earlier and I've just got a G on there for gauge, and then over on the start, we're here at point number five, so the water flows through the system, it comes up here and you can see the black hose there.

Now that black hose is the waste water. Obviously, with the reverse osmosis system, we got pure water being created and all the contaminants flow out with the waste water and go down the drain.

That's the black pipe here. Goes through there. This one here, that's a flow regulator. If you can just see that little hole halfway in that flow regulator, it takes an allen key and can you can adjust the flow if it's not operating as you would like it. IE, increase it or decrease it, just by a turn of the allen key inside there. The water then, waste water, continues along its path, comes over to here and flows out the black tube.

Obviously, we never drink the black tube, straight down the sink, waste water. Put it on plants if you've got a good hardy plant, no worries at all. Once the waste water's gone, we're back here at point six and we've got the good water coming out of the membrane.

At this point of time it's been really severely filtered and there won't be too much contamination in there at all. It ought to be filtered down to well below zero at this point depending on the type of membrane you've got. Some as low as 0.005 micron.

So the water's coming out through here and what we do is run it through another carbon cartridge, same as the first one. The water runs through the carbon cartridge, polishes it up, takes any taste away and really gets it in nice mode for drinking.

Once again, at that point of time, six comes over here, so now here we've got a seven, to the end, we've got point number eight. At that point of time, the water is flowing out of the system and it flows out, just gently sit that there for you to see, here's our pipe and that will just push straight in. Push it in, won't come out. And that is pretty much how this little system works. Beautiful little system and I highly recommend them.

Especially people that are renting and things like that. If you wanna get rid of fluoride these are an absolute river. Thank you very much, have a great day and I hoped that helped with something.

Give us a yell if we can help you out in any way. Thank you.

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