[VIDEO] Whole House Triple Big Blue Water Filter Installed Video

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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. We just had the plumber install this system. He's done a fantastic job. Just gonna share a couple of things there with you. Obviously, you can see the Limetron descaler there at the start.

That's to combat hard water. Calcium and magnesium can't be removed from our water with a filter, so we have the Limetron descaler on there, okay? Then that Limetron descaler will stop calcium and magnesium building up inside your house, on your shower glass, rusting your home appliances out, air conditioning devices like this on your house and solar hard on the roof, you name it.

This little Limetron here will take care of the water and stop it from eating out your appliances. From there, the water comes along. Obviously, we've got an on-off tap here. We got the buttons on the top that's used for depressurizing, letting the pressure down.

We got the gauges there. They give you an idea of how the system's operating and they're really good. Actually, if you ever did have pressure drop from a blocked filter or sunafter a long time, you can watch that and you know when to change your cartridges.

What we got on the top here, you can just see these little plugs. When you don't install a gauge, that's where the plug goes. That plug goes straight into that hole. Up on top, you can see the cartridge spanner. Obviously, the cartridge spanner is to undo the housings at the bottom when it's time to replace the filter.

Then we get across to the other side. We've got another tap there so we can control the flow to the house, or stop it. And then we come down to the bottom, and there's your whole-house magnet, and that's on there for when the water's just goin' really slow. Also helps to put the positive charge on the water.

And there you have it, okay? So, beautiful size: 20 inch by 4.5 inch for a four by two house, and just makes the water so much better with all the chlorine removed.