Whole House Triple Big Blue Water Filter Installed Video [VIDEO]

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Whole House Triple Big Blue Water Filter System post-installation.

Limetron Descale

You’ll notice we’ve got the Limetron Descaler to treat the hard water. Calcium and magnesium can't be removed from our water with a filter, so we have the Limetron descaler to stop calcium and magnesium building up inside your house, on your shower glass and rusting your home appliances out.

Tap and Gauges

On the top, we’ve got an on/off valve, depressurisation buttons to release pressure from the system, gauges to let us know how much pressure is on the system. If you ever happen to have the pressure drop from a blocked filter or the sun after a long time, you can watch that, and you know when to change your cartridges.

Cartridge Removal Tool

Up on top, you can see the cartridge spanner. The cartridge spanner is to undo the housings at the bottom when replacing the filter.

On/Off Tap

Then we get across to the other side. We've got another tap there to control or stop the flow of water to the house.

Whole House Magnet

A whole-house magnet was installed for when the water is going slow. The magnet helps to put a positive charge on the water to keep it flowing.

And there you have it, the magnificent 20 inch by 4.5 inch Triple Big Blue Whole House Water Filter. It makes the water so much better by removing all of the nasty chemical and contaminants.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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