Sprite Pure Shower Filter Product Spotlight

Hello, Rod from My Water Filter here. I would like to introduce you to Sprite's Premier Water Filter Range. It is the Sprite Shower Pure Shower Filters made in the USA by leading shower filter manufacturer Sprite Industries.

Why own one?

They are great for renters and homeowners who want to eliminate the horrible chlorine in their shower to stop the itching and irritation that treated town and city water can cause. As you can see here, this Sprite Shower Pure Shower Filter comes in both the fixed model and a handheld wand.

Sprite Shower and Handheld

Design and Ease of Use

They both have solid housing, universally designed to fit any shower set up and the fixed model comes with a high-quality slimline shower water filter cartridge. And the hand-held model comes with Sprite's hand-held cartridge.

Sprite Pure Handheld running water


What makes this water filter range unique is it's seven unique spray settings and Sprite's high-quality chlorogenic and KDF painted and filtration media. These quality shower filters create a luxurious showering experience, and they are beautifully built so that the spray settings change smoothly and effortlessly.

Sprite Shower Pure 7 Sprays


Product Warranty

These shower filters come complete with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty. So you can feel confident that this high quality, solid shower filters will continue to provide you chlorine-free showers for many years to come. They are very easy for anyone to install and it only takes a few minutes. And once your shower water filter is running through the Shower Pure Shower Filter, that will stop the chlorine, dirt, sediments, and odours. To create a care-free shower experience and will leave your skin softer and hair smoother than ever before. They help restore body and shine to your hair. Protects colour-treated hair and prevents your hair from becoming dry and brittle from the chlorine from your shower water.

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Health Benefits

Chlorine can also strip away at the skin's protective oils, causing it to dry and crack. Leading to premature signs of aging. The Sprite's Shower Pure Shower Filter protects your skin's natural oils and stops it from drying out and wrinkling. Leaving you with smoother, softer skin after every shower.

Irritated Skin

So if you are looking for a luxurious shower filter, complete with 7 spray settings, then the Sprite Shower Pure Shower Filter is for you. Beautiful, chlorine-free, itch-free and irritation-free showers for everyone in your home is just a magnificent way to live. Enjoy.

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