Stefani 10L Black Porcelain Benchtop Gravity Water Purifier - Product Spotlight [VIDEO]
The Stefani 10 Litre Porcelain Benchtop Water Filter is the filter for the masses.


It is a solid, high-quality water filter that holds two candles. We pour the water in the top, and it slowly filters down through each candle, collecting in the bottom tank.


It creates magnificent tasting water that is free from chlorine and contaminants.


Stefani Low-Pressure 3 Stage Candle

The Stefani Low Pressure 3 Stage Candle removes 98.5% of Chlorine, and because you have two cartridges, you’ll be making two litres an hour, which is a plus since other water filters only have one cartridge.


3 Stage Purifying Process:

Ceramic filtration - The microporous ceramic membrane can filter out microorganisms, dirt, rust, algae and other suspended solids.


Sterilising - The water will pass through the Colloidal Silver cover that sterilises the water and eliminates bacteria.


Granular Activated Carbon - The Granular Activated Carbon’s extensive pore structure enables it to screen every drop of water passing through and efficiently absorb chlorine, taste, odours and organic chemicals.


Cartridge Replacements

For best results and to maintain maximum protection, we recommend replacing the ceramic cartridges regularly every 12 months, depending on the condition of your water before filtration.


The Stefani 10L Benchtop Gravity Water Filter is a great unit and it even effectively treats Rainwater. So be confident in this product, we certainly love it because it creates tasty water and has great test results.


Try it and see for yourself.


If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to contact us. We’d love to hear from you.


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