[VIDEO] Stefani 2L Compact Water Filter Jug - Product Spotlight

Good day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're going to talk about is the Stefani Compact Water Filter Jug.

Convenient and Handy

This product is small and can hold only a couple of litres. It’s best to use if you're on your own, or two at the most who have a compact kitchen, compact fridge and stuff like that. If you are in caravans, mobile homes, things like this would be handy.

Stefani 2L Jug Box

What You Need to Know

It’s a taste, smell and odour eliminating cartridge. If you're on government chlorinated water, your water probably has chloramines, so be aware of what the government's mixing into your water. But, in Western Australia, chlorine is free to go.

What it Does

This Water Filter Jug takes the chlorine out of the water, making it smell nicer and taste better. It’s like a Brita Jug. It’s not going to take all the heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, and definitely not the fluoride. To sum, it is a budget style jug and it will beat taste, odour and smell. This product is a good value and is presented very nicely.

Stefani 2L Jug

Easy to Use

The product slides on and has a handle. The top part will lift out, and there you will find the cartridge. This is a user-friendly item, and it doesn't take much to look at one and put it all together. You can just push it in, spin it and it pretty much locks in. Then, sit in the top, get your water out of your tap, just straight in under the sink, filling the top tank up and the water will slowly filter down through the cartridge, collected in the bottom.

Stefani 2L Jug Refrigerator

Key Points to Take

This product is only a one-person jug, and there's not a whole heap of water in it, but this is a budget jug, and that's what we're using it for.


It's simple, has a compact and a small design. Test results don’t come with this since it's not that sort of a market product. You can check our video information on the page, and if you think it's for you, then buy it now! If you need help looking at other products, please give us a call and we'd love to hear from you. Thank you very much!