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G'day, folks! Rod from My Water Filter here today, and what we're gonna do is have a look at this Stefani Compact Water Filter Jug. It's only a little fella, couple of liters. So, it's good if you're maybe on your own, single people, two at the most. Compact kitchen, compact fridge, stuff like that. Even in caravans, mobile homes, things like this would be handy. Basically, it's a taste, smell and order cartridge okay? So if you're on government chlorinated water, probably not gonna remove chloramines, so be aware of what the government's mixing into your water.

But Western Australia, chlorine, free to go. So it'll take the chlorine out of the water, it will make it smell nicer, taste better, bit like a Brita Jug, alright that's why we're here at the moment, it's not gonna take all the heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, definitely not touching the fluoride. So I must be honest with you, it is a budget style jug and it will beat taste, odor and smell, okay? But it's a, they're a good value and they're presented very nicely, we'll have a quick look at it now. And they are, sort of, what they are, these ones, okay?

So. Beautiful. Gotta sorta put it together, so we'll just have a quick play with that. Slides on, got a handle on. Top here will lift out. Got our cartridge. So as you can see they're pretty user friendly, and it doesn't take too much to have a look at one and put it all together. So, and everybody should be able to chose that okay. There's the little filter that's going in here.

Okay, just pushes in and spins in and pretty much locks in there okay? Gonna sit in the top, get your water out of your tap, just straight in under the sink, like so, filling the top tank up. As you can see it's only a one person jug, there's not a whole heap of water in it, but they are a budget jug and that's what we're using them for. Little top sits on the top, then you just press on the top there to obviously put it under the tap. Filling up like so, water will fill the top, water will slowly filter down through the cartridge, collected in the bottom.

Then we'll tip him out, come out the spout at the top there. So, pretty simple design and it's what it's for, just the compact, small design. Test results and stuff like that doesn't really come with that, it's not that sort of up market product. It is just a carbon tasting odor type thing and take a look at it. Video information on the page, if you think it's for you, that's cool, go for it. If you need help in any way, help you look at other products please give us a call and we'd love to hear from you. Thanks very much.