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Good day, folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today and what we're gonna do is just have a quick look at the tools that you may want to use when you're gonna install an undersink water filter, okay. So basically, I just got a normal tape measure here to start with. Tape measure to measure the filter. Get up underneath the sink and have a measure. Make sure you allow 30 millimeters underneath the system and it's all gonna fit up in there and work nicely for you. Next one, is just a good ol' Australian shifter, crescent, whatever you like to call it, adjustable spanner. That's when we install the T-piece for the under sink installation kit. We just use the crescent to take the chrome flexible hose off and install the T-piece.

Then we've got a bit of electrical tape. We came up to install the faucet, we located the position for the faucet, broke off a little square piece of tape and put some electrical tape on to stop the drill bit from sliding around when we drilled it. We used a sharp object, and a hammer to mark a little hole so that we were then able to come along and drill a pilot hole for the faucet. After we drilled the pilot hole, we put the larger drill bit through and then the faucet was installed, and it's just tightened up underneath by hand.

Then we come to install the water filter. And I've got a texter here. So we hold the filter in place, marked the holes with a texter and once we had the holes marked with the texter, then got a small pilot hole. We just put a couple of holes in for the pilot holes for the screws. Then we got the screws for the Phillips head screwdriver. We screwed in for the faucet and we locked, sorry, screwed in for the system and we locked the system into place underneath the sink. This is a red cutter, you can use a Stanley knife or very sharp blade, you don't use scissors or anything like that and it's for when you're cutting this white hose, okay. These cutters you can get on the website.

They work very well and they put a nice flat cut across the top of the hose. When you get a nice, good, flat cut on the top of the hose it means it goes up into these connections. It fits up there nice and square and fits in there well. You can use a Stanley trimmer, but best if you got a cutter, okay. And if you've got all of those tools, and the expertise, you'll be good to go to install a water filter under your sink.