Tools For Installing An Under Sink Water Filter [VIDEO]

Having the right tools makes any water filter installation much quicker and easier.

Tools Needed To Install An Under Sink Water Filter:

      • Tape Measure
      • Shifter/Crescent/Adjustable Spanner
      • Electrical Tape
      • Nail Punch and Hammer
      • Drill and Drill Pieces
      • Pencil or Pen
      • Phillips Head Screwdriver
      • Screws
      • Stanley Knife

Tape Measure.

To measure the space required to install your water filter,  you need to get underneath the sink. Measure up, and make sure you allow 30 millimetres underneath the system.

Shifter, Crescent, Or Adjustable Spanner.

You’ll need this when you install the T-piece for the under sink installation kit. Simply use the crescent to take the chrome flexible hose off and install the T-piece.

Electrical Tape.

Once you locate a position to install the faucet, break off a little square piece of tape and put some electrical tape on to stop the drill bit from sliding around when you drill the hole in the sink.

Nail Punch/Sharp Object/Hammer.

To mark a little hole on the electrical tape, and drill a pilot hole for the faucet.

Drill And Drill Bits.

Used to drill the hole in the sink.


To mark the holes where you are going to drill.

Screws And Screwdriver.

To screw the system into place under the sink.

Stanley Knife/Cutter.

The Stanley Knife/Cutter is used to make a clean cut in the water hose.


As always, contact us if you’ve got any questions.

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