[VIDEO] What Tools we use for a Whole House Water Filter Installation

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Okay, folks, what I'm gonna do now is just give you a quick overview of what sort of tools we've used to install this Whole House Water Filter here on the farm today, okay? As you can see, just use a little table over there that we sat underneath the filter to hold it in position as we tech screwed it onto the steel frame. Just saved holdin' it up and havin' a couple of people here. And this is just a normal tech gun and we just use a tech gun with the tech bits in it. And we've just tech'd it straight into the wall here today.

Depending on what you are screwin' into, you might wanna pre-drill it with a drill first. Something like that, get some holes in it. If you're going into masonry or brickwork or something like that, obviously you're gonna drill through with the, mate, with the drill first. Then you might look at puttin' some plugs in the wall and hammerin' or lockin' or puttin' some screws in after that, okay? Failing that, here's some good ole' strong bolts. Some good stainless steel bolts and, if possible, I'll be boltin' this baby to the wall with a couple of good 'ole bolts and it'll never go anywhere on you ever again, okay? Once we had it set up there like so, we just got the level, set the level on the top.

Made sure that she was pretty level. Once we screwed it in, leveled it up, we came along and got some normal 'ole Plumber's Thread Tape. Wrapped it around the gauges, screwed all the gauges in, they're all good to go. We had a bit of a chat about the plugs. The plugs go in here if the gauges don't. That's when you're gonna require an Allen key with your plugs. And you screw that plug straight in to the top there. We put the nipples in the top of the housing on either side and we use good steel ones so they never have to be removed ever again. Now, when I put those in, you would've noticed that we used good 'ole Australian Plumber's Tape. But, some people go and put a sealant on there. And it is a no-no. You'll see on the one-pager in the flyer that we send out with the Whole House systems, you just cannot use any form of sealant on this first joint that goes into the actual water filter. As I said before, these filters have been coming into this country for 35 years! Beautiful, work a treat, never ever fail on us ever! But, if the plumber or whoever installs the system, if they get this first connection with the thread that screws into the filter and they load it up with a sealant and they screw it in. They'll put the filter together. They'll look back and say, "Gee, I did a beautiful job."

They'll go home and unfortunately that night the temperature drops, the sealant sets, it expands, and it actually puts little cracks in the top of these and they'll start leakin'. So just don't use a sealant on 'em. Sealant, metal, metal fittings and fixtures, and threads. And then we'll just keep the Thread Tape on these Plumber's Whole House Water Filters and you'll never ever, ever, ever, ever, worry, I promise. Flowing on from that, a crescent. Might wanna tighten up. The gauges normally just go in by hand, that's pretty cool. Tighten up the nipple on here. If you had any other threads, you might want the crescent there to tighten those up with that as well, okay?

Use the pencil to fill a few marks. Use the tape measure to put a few measurements and things like that in. Use the Whole House Water Filter tool to put over the housing and take a look at the cartridges and tighten them up and make sure that they are in there as well, okay? Could add a little bit of grease, not when they're new, they're greased up when they're new. As you're doing maintenance later on, you might use a little bit of grease, okay? And that's about the sum of it there. We used a hack saw and used it to cut all of the three quarter inch pipe that goes in between the fittings.

Apart from that, if you had a vice here or something like that, it'd be handy. I was a bit rough screwin' it on, just hack sawing it on the leg type thing. But you could use a vice, it'd be handy as well. But, as you can see, doesn't take too many tools to install one. Out on the farm here it's okay for us to do that, okay? Generally a plumber at your house in the city, he'll have all the tools and more than he needs to achieve the job. So, that's it. As you can see, come up trumps, looks pretty good. And take a look, hope it helps you out. And give us a call if we can help in any way. Thanks very much.

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