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G'day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today, and I'd like to introduce to you the Ultra Ceram Ceramic Carbon Gravity Water Filter Candle, okay. Now, this is a fantastic candle, possibly one of the greatest candles around in the sense that it's just got such good test results, and it's one of the few ways to remove fluoride from our water, alright. So, in regards to fluoride removal, which is a big topic for people, 97.5%. It's also good for chlorine and chloramine.

So a lot of our capital cities now are using chloramine in their water. Once again, not every cartridge will take chlorine and chloramine out, but just take a look at the test results for this cartridge, because it will, 99.9%, okay. It's good for pharmaceuticals and hormones and a lot of other contaminants, as well. It is a slow flow, gravity cartridge, so it will only flow at about a liter an hour.

They do last between about six to 12 months, 2000 liters, whichever comes first. If they do get a build up of sediment on the outside, you can simply get a hundred grit sandpaper or a Scotch-Brite scouring pad, as long as it's new, and give it a good old scrub under a running kitchen tap. So just hold the cartridge under the tap and give it a good ol' scrub, okay. These will, I'll take it out of the box and give you a look, but these cartridges will go into just about any gravity filter, okay. So it doesn't matter on the brand, the situation is, they're about 127 millimeters in height, so as long as the height is okay, to fit in the top tank of your gravity filter, you're good to go with these cartridges. They're much better than the Royal Doultons, and other cartridges on the market, just going by the test results and what they're able to achieve and remove from your water nowadays. I even recommend them for rain water. You never know when there's any heavy metals or lead coming in off the roof, that sort of thing.

So, they're a great cartridge and highly recommended. We'll take him out of the bag and give you a quick look at him. Now with your gravity filter, so long as the hole in the top tank, where you install your cartridge, can fit 12.5 millimeter through, basically, simply you're just putting that cartridge straight through the top tank. The washer goes on first, then you push it down through the top tank, okay. And then the nut goes up from underneath, and just tightens up. We don't normally put a washer on the bottom, because we want the nut to screw up, nice and tight on the flat underside of the top tank. And it does spin on the bottom of the tank. And you just tighten him up and lock him into place there like so, and it'll be locked in there, and it won't let any water escape by.

All the water's gonna penetrate through, granule-activated carbon of sorts on the inside, and they work an absolute treat. So, take a look at these cartridges. Highly recommended, very credible company, KLT Industries in Great Britain that build it. And, we are right behind these and we use 'em in a lot of our water filters. So take a look, have a look at the information on the page, and give us a ring if we can help you in any way. Thanks very much.