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Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and I just wanted to have a quick look at the UltraCeram cartridge with you, okay. These are probably one of the best ceramic gravity cartridges, or gravity candles, that are available nowadays. And every now and again, customer will ring-up and'll say, "Ah, Rod, the ceramic's not perfect. "I've got a little bump in mine or a dent in mine," okay. So I've just pulled a few out of the bag and couple that we've been using here and at home, on the farm, et cetera, and a couple of new ones, and I can just see that there's these little dents in it, there's scratches over the end of them.

Generally the sides aren't too bad. But on the dome, on the ends, you will definitely find imperfections on there at times. Now, obviously, be aware of it. If it's cracked we don't want you to be using it. We are right behind you. We want you to have the best filtered water that you can. But on saying that, they can have a little nick, nick in them here and there, okay.

The ceramic's quite thick and generally these little imperfections don't go right through, alright. So if you've got your cartridge, and you install it in the top of your gravity filter, fill it up with water, generally, these will flow up to about one liter an hour, okay. So if your cartridge is flowing one liter an hour, there's nothing wrong with it. It's good to go, okay. If you've got anything wrong with it or if it's cracked, whatever, we will be expecting the water to go through it faster. And if that's the case then give us a yell because we wanna help you out and do something about it, alright.

Another one that people call up about is that sometimes around the outside they'll see a little bit of glue, or there's a bit more of a gap one one side or the other, and that is quite common as well, and most of them are like that. They aren't 100% perfect dome inside the green cap or the cap but they are, see right on the bottom, they do have plenty of glue in them. And once again, the best way to know if it's sealed or it's not sealed is how fast it's flowing. Because if this isn't sealed around the outside the water's just gonna run straight through it.

So, if you've got a one liter an hour flow rate on your gravity candle good luck to you, stick with it. They're fantastic and we love using them and we do use them ourselves as well, okay. So thank you very much for that. Any troubles, give us a yell. Bye for now.