Ultrapure Single Stage Benchtop Cartridge Replacement Guide

Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here.

Today you’ll see how easy it is to change the cartridge in your Ultrapure Bench Top Water Filter.

What you will need

Ultrapure Water Filter Cartridge Replacement Instructions

        1. Place the tea towel on the benchtop to catch any water coming out of the water filter.
        2. Lay the water filter on its side to keep it stable.
        3. Simply slide the tool over the top of the filter, and move it in the open direction to loosen the lid of the water filter. You will see "open" and "close" on the tool so when you slide it down onto the water filter, have these words facing up so you can read them.
        4. Lift the water filter to a standing position and unscrew the housing top.
        5. Take out the old cartridge.
        6. Insert the new cartridge making sure the end with the hole in it is facing down into the housing.
        7. Screw the housing back up until firm.
        8. Place the cartridge removal tool back on and nip it up tight.

Now you’ve successfully changed the cartridge.

Product Update

The cartridge in this video is discontinued and is no longer available on MyWaterFilter.com.au. If you are looking for a similar water filter cartridge, we recommend the Aragon Water Filter Cartridge.

This water filter has been upgraded to the new and improved Ultrapure Aragon Single Stage Benchtop Water Filter.

The Ultrapure Aragon Single Stage Benchtop Water Filter is part of our Benchtop Collection.