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Good day, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today and what I'm gonna quickly do is just show you how easy it is to change the cartridge in your bench top water filter, okay? Now, what we like to do is just put our little tea towel or a cloth on the bench top, just to give you something to work off, okay? Now, we just get our water filter and we lay it on its side just so it's stable and easy to work with.

We've got our cartridge removal tool here. If you're a bit unsure on which way it goes, you've got close and open direction arrows on the top, okay? These four points do not fall into the slots, you simply slide the tool over the top, and then press to open.

As soon as you've broken the seal, that will screw off very easily, alright? We screw the housing top off, we take out the old cartridge, in comes the new cartridge. Now, please be aware, these are a very good cartridge, they're sealed right up, and there's only a hole in one end.

And it does say, "this way up." Remembering we've got a bench top water filter that is set up opposite to an under sink. So, "this way up" goes down.

"This way up" goes down, housing back on the top, gently safely screw it up until firm. We can slide the housing tool back on, we can lay it on its side, and just nip it up tight. Simple as that.

Give it a go, you'll be alright.