Water Benefits

Why filter your water?

Filtered water equals a better life. Australian tap water, while generally safe to drink, may not meet our expectations, particularly as to taste. Our nation's river, catchment and reservoir systems are under dire stress due to drought, climatic changes and alarming levels of salinity.

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In the absence of national drinking water quality and safety standards, quality varies widely. While the water emanating from the treatment plants generally conforms to applicable quality guidelines, the water then passes through hundreds of kilometres of ageing pipes before it reaches the kitchen tap. Enroute to the home there are many factors that may impair the taste, smell, clarity or quality. So we can no longer take our drinking water for granted.

Contamination of groundwater can occur through industrial and agricultural chemicals and other environmental waste. The use of chlorine as a disinfectant not only causes a pungent taste and smell, but there is growing concern about the long-term health implications of the by-products, such as trihalomethanes, from this disinfection treatment.

Home filtration is no longer an indulgence - today it is a necessity. The products sold by My Water Filter are the most technologically advanced systems. We want you and your family to have confidence that the water you drink is fresh and safe.

Water is Life

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Water is Life. This is a general statement but it isn’t an overstatement. The fact that you are visiting a water filtration website demonstrates that, at the very least, you already know the basics about water quality and how this effects your health. Water is an amazing compound that is important at every level of your body’s functions. From the micro cellular activities that drive your body’s systems, and the interconnectiveness of those systems, water is the essence of you. Clean Water creates better health and it creates a better you. Below is a list of the effects that water has on your body.

The Benefits of Water

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  • Transports energy to your brain. Water makes up 85% of the brain and it maintains the neurological performance helping you think and react with better efficiency.
  • Water is also the matter that cushions your brain against injury.
  • Maintains and regulates body temperature. Perspiration is a mechanism that allows the body to regulate temperature. Being hydrated is important so that you help your body regulate its temperature.
  • Assists digestion. Digestion of foods requires an adequate quantity of water. After eating a large meal, you will have noticed feeling low in energy. Drinking water with your meal will make digestion occur more effectively.
  • Keeps skin looking younger and healthier. Skin is a bodily organ that requires water to help protect it. Your skin is also a membrane that absorbs and expels water. -The cleaner the water the more healthier your skin will feel and look.
  • Lubricates and cushions bones and joints. Water is the main ingredient in the fluids that your body creates so that bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments move more freely. Friction is decreased so damage and injuries are minimised.
  • Promotes and maintains muscle tone. Muscle cells require water to transport nutrients so that they function at an optimal rate. Water also removes waste that can adversely effect performance and decrease recovery time.
  • Metabolises fat. Adequate water consumption is beneficial for kidney and liver function. When these organs operate at their best, the fat deposits metabolise into other chemicals that wont cause weight gain. Water is also needed to help the kidney expel toxins and other waste compounds out of your body. If you don’t drink enough water then the liver wont be so efficient in creating the ensigns that break down fats.
  • Stops the blood from thickening. This puts less pressure on the heart. The circularly system can operate at maximum performance.
  • Transports nutrients throughout the entire body.
  • Eliminates toxins and waste.


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Given that water optimises our body’s performance, it is therefore not surprising that hydration benefits our health and well being. The advantage of a water filtration system is that it encourages a person to drink more water. Conditions such as tiredness, headaches, constipation, dry or irritated skin, dry hair and even blood pressure can be rectified by hydrating the body. If the body contains an inadequate amount of water then its systems and organs experience the type of stress which causes other types of health problems.

When Exercising

drink water when excercising

Hydration is obviously important when exercising. An hour of exercise will cause you to lose over 1 litre of water. This amount of water loss can have a bad effect on the supply of nutrients to the muscles. Also the removal of toxins will not be as effective. This will prolong the recovery time and muscles can become sore. It is recommended that you drink water an hour before exercise and after your exercise session. The benefits of a water filtration system is that you will always have access to pure quality drinking water.

Professional athletes drink nothing but the best quality water. At the gym there are not many people who carry around water containers filled with raw tap water. Many people were surprised with the increase of people buying bottled water in the 1980. However it should not have been any surprise. The body encourages the mind to make healthier choices. The consumption of bottle water, despite its high cost, is an indication that raw tap water is not providing the body with the type of water it wants.

Feeling Sick

When we feel sick it is important that we drink water so to provide the body with the best conditions to fight the illness. Water can be lost through sweating and diarrhoea. It is necessary to replace that water loss.

Ageing better

Sometimes in the media we hear that elderly people have been hospitalised because of dehydration. Our ability to recognise thirst declines as we get older. Dehydration only increases the spread of the ageing process. Drinking adequate amounts of pure water can help you achieve a lifestyle that makes you look younger.

A List of the Health Benefits of Consuming Filtered Water:

  • improve skin condition
  • improve mental sharpness
  • prevent kidney stones
  • ease constipation
  • aid in digestion
  • improve circulation

The Symptoms of dehydration:

  • fatigue
  • dry, inelastic skin
  • confusion
  • headaches
  • dry mouth
  • thirst

Your Child Deserves a Great Start

Your Child Deserves a Great Start

A water filtration system is the first step to teach children healthier habits. Water that does not taste bad or smell bad is easier to drink. Many children choose to add cordial to raw tap water to cover the taste. Parents that use a water filtration system in their household notice the difference in their children’s behaviour. Children will accept drinks that don’t contain sugar. Dieticians recommend that we should attempt to teach child these habits as a method to eliminate obesity and to help them grow and develop. Children who develop healthy habits will continue this behaviour into their teenage and adult years.

It is recommended that children drink six to eight times a day. This will keep them hydrated in the hot weather and takes into account how active children are. Schools know how important it is that children are hydrated. It benefits their concentration.

Water and Weight Loss

Water supports people’s weight loss goals. Water has no fats or carbohydrates, and therefore it will not add calories to your diet. If you drink more water then you will reduce the number of beverages that contains calories. Beverages such as cordial, milk drinks, soft drinks, and juice, all contain calories that can add to your weight gain.

Water also helps with weight loss because it fills your stomach and gives you the feeling of being full. Another advantage of drinking more water is that sometimes you can confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger. So instead of taking a drink of calorie free filtered water, you might eat something instead, when you don’t need to. Dieticians recommend drinking more water in weight loss programs.

Water also makes the body work more effective in removing the toxins from your body. Your goal with weight loss is to reduce the amount of energy, as in food, that can be metabolised into fat. Drinking more water helps the body to eliminate the toxins that begins a metabolic process that is more prone to producing fats.

Water will make you feel more alert and more motivated to exercise. It is important that you are aware of your water drinking habits. Many people wait too long before they rehydrate. Those people who feel low in energy during the day are usually the people who gulp down a couple of glasses of water at the end of the day. It is better to drink constantly during the day. Drinking before a meal and before exercise is recommended and these habits will help you to lose weight.

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