[VIDEO] ULTRAPURE 0.5 Micron Ceramic Single Stage Benchtop Water Filter - How to Check for Cracks


Good day folks! Rod from My Water Filter here today and I just want to quickly show you what to do with your water filter when you first purchase it and it arrives at your home, ok? First up, little tea towel on the bench top just to make it easier and give us a bit of padding. Now what we're doing is inspecting the ceramic cartridge inside. Couriers moving a lot of product. Things sometimes get damaged. We're giving you a water filter.

It's vitally important that it arrives in its best condition and it's safe and water is being purified. So what we're gonna do is remove the housing from the top and we're gonna take a look at the cartridge inside to make sure it's in good condition, all right? On the housing tool, close, open.

Take a look if you're unsure which way it goes and we're simply going to undo the top first. Quick nip under the lock, spin the top off, and we'll slow down and take it nice and gentle, all right? We don't want to knock the cartridge over. We're gonna treat this cartridge like an egg. Off with the top, lift up the cartridge. Be aware how you take it out because these cartridges are the bench top. It does say "This way up" but at this way goes down.

Now what could happen with a ceramic cartridge? If you drop it, it'll break. Treat it like an egg. It's been in transport with the couriers, so we're looking for hairline cracks or any damage to it. We need a good seal on this cartridge to give you the amazing filtration and protection that an ultra-pure cartridge gives ya, all right? So I'm just gonna cast me eyes over this one because it's had a journey too.

So I'm just giving it a little twist end for end to make sure it's not cracked around the ends, all right? Not too much force, but you'll know if it's cracked, okay? And then I'm visually running my eyes up and down the cartridge as I spin it around. It'll have little scratches on it and things like that but if it's got a crack through it, you'll see it much the same as a crack in an egg shell. So we just spin him around.

Make sure it's arrived safely and it's ready to deliver the pure, magnificent water free from contamination that these cartridges do deliver. They seriously are second to none. This has been a successful delivery and it's ready to go so we simply put it back in, this way up, points down. Housing straight on the top.

Spool him up. Close. Housing tool on. Into position. Lock him up. Simple as that. You're now ready to connect it up to the spout and then you'll be giving it a flush and you'll be consuming beautiful purified water in no time.

Thank you very much.