[VIDEO] ULTRAPURE 0.5 Micron 10” Ceramic Single Stage Under Sink Water Filter - How to Check for Cracks


Good day folks. Rod from My Water Filter here today. And what we're gonna do is just have a quick look at what we really want you to do when you receive your water filter system from us. They're delivered by courier, sometimes they get a hard life.

And we just want to make sure that it's arrived to you, it's all in good condition, and it's gonna deliver beautiful, pure, filtered water for you. Okay? So let's have a look at this cartridge, alright? It is ceramic. It will break.

So when you get it we want you to get hold of it, just twist the ends a little bit, okay? Just make sure it's still sealed around each end. And it's in one piece nice and intact. The second thing is, it's a bit like an egg. And that's what you've gotta do, treat this baby like an egg.

And make sure there's no cracks in it, alright? So we just want you to run your eyes up and down the cartridge in the light. And just spin it gently as you are having a look. Now it does have scratches on it. It will have little marks on it. But it's just not allowed to have any cracks in it.

And I'm talking about it will look like a crack in an egg, okay? So just spin it around, make sure it's not damaged, make sure it's not cracked, okay? We've had a look at it. It's looking good. You've treated it like an egg. And we're ready to go. So once you get hold of that cartridge, it's going to go inside the housing.

So I'm just quickly going to give you a quick demo. Doesn't matter if it's here on the bench, under the sink, same process changing the cartridge, okay? So simple tool, cartridge tool, comes in your system. On the cartridge tool you'll see it has an open and a close, if you're unsure which way it goes on.

Simple as, slide the cartridge tool up onto the housing as such and just give it a little turn. Just to break the seal. Off with the housing tool, and then off with the housing. Screw off very easy, okay? There she's off, okay? If it's been you've stored for some time with another cartridge inside you'll lift out your old cartridge might have some water inside of it. You'll tip it down the sink. Back again.

When you replace your new cartridges, you can have a look inside, just inspect the rubber ring. Can rub a little bit of olive oil on it to prolong it. Make sure there's no muck around it. And then we get the new cartridge. On this new cartridge, apart from saying, "Made in England", it will say, "This way up." There's only one hole in this cartridge.

The water penetrates through the side and gets filtered, enters the center core, the water goes straight up out of that hole at the top. So, the hole at the top must enter the top of the housing, alright? That's where it's going to fit and the water will flow out.

So all we're doing is simply placing the cartridge inside. Make sure it's center. Make sure it says, "This way up." You'll get the housing, you'll assure it's centered on the top housing part. And you'll simply screw it up, alright? Good thick, strong thread on the top.

They're very hardy, these housings. Spin it as tight as you can with your hands. Get your cartridge tool. Put it back on. Just give it a little nip to tighten those seals up again. Make sure it's not gonna leak. You're done.

You'll give it a little flush as we show you to, and you're good to go for another 12 months. Enjoy.