Fantastic Benefits of Owning Your Own Water Filter

1. Water Tastes Better

The filter removes a high percentage of chlorine, dirt and germs.  Removing these contaminants from your water supply will make your water taste better.

2. Children to Learn Healthier Habits 
Our customers have noticed that children accept drinking filtered water much more than they did when they only had raw tap water.  This means that children will have less sugar in their diets.  Research shows that they take this habit into the future.

3. Save Money 
With a My Water Filtration System you will have pure and healthy water at your finger tips.  There is no need to purchase water.  Simply fill up your bottles or purchase a water keg, fill it up with water from the filter, keep it in the fridge, and you will have chilled pure water when you want it.  You can fill up your own water container and take the water with you giving you control of what you drink and when you drink.

4. Feel and Be Healthier 
When water tastes better, you will drink more of it.  This means that you will be better hydrated, and the benefits are that you will have more energy to perform your duties during the day.  Feeling healthier also means that you are more motivated to exercise.  Water filtration becomes a lifestyle choice.
5. Helps Weight loss  
Water is the foundation of any weight loss program.  When it tastes better then you will drink more of it.  This means you will drink less sugar drinks.   You will have more energy and will be more likely to commit to regular exercise routines.  Water filtration systems help with lifestyle changes.

6. Better Tasting Tea and Coffee 
If you remove a large percentage of chlorine from the raw water then tea and coffee are free from this chemical and they do taste better.  Also with the removal of a high percentage of chlorine,  you don’t have to mask the taste of chlorine by adding more coffee, cordial,milo, or sugar.

7. Food Tastes Better 
When a large percentage of contaminants has been removed from the raw tap water then the water becomes a quality ingredient in any food preparation and production.

8. Water Looks Cleaner
The water filtration products sold by My Water Filter all remove a high percentage of dirt and germs from your raw water. This will take out the contaminants that make your water look dirty.

9. Healthier Water for Your Pets
A trick that door-to-door salespersons use to sell water filters is to demonstrate that household pets will choose to drink filtered water over raw tap water.  This is true.  Animals will always choose to drink the filtered water.  Animals have a keen sense of smell.  They know better than humans when water is contaminated.

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