[VIDEO] Ultrapure Water Filter Candle is the Ultraceram Water Filter Candle

If you’re wondering what the difference is between the Ultrapure and Ultraceram water filter cartridge, then you’re about to find out.

Here is the Ultrapure cartridge.

Ultraceram Candle

And here is the Ultraceram cartridge.



You’ll notice that they look identical, and that’s because they are. They’re from the same manufacturer, and it’s the same product, but with different labels.

Why Have The Same Product With Different Labels?

Ultraceram Candle and Box

When we discovered the Ultraceram Fluoride Removal Cartridge and its ability to create magnificent water, we were determined to start providing it to our customers. We approached the supplier, KLT Filtration and we got permission to use the cartridge.

Unfortunately, we weren’t also given approval to use the box and the cartridge test results.

We knew that this cartridge was one of the best in the world and we decided to run with it anyway, and we had to call it a different name, so the name became Ultrapure.

Over the years we’ve built a close relationship with the makers of Ultraceram, KLT Filtration in Great Britain and now we can provide the box and the test results for our customers too.

Ultrapure And Ultraceram Are The Same

Ultraceram Candle

So if you are used to receiving the Ultrapure cartridge in the plain white box, perhaps with the blue sticker on the side of it - it's not available anymore.

Have some confidence when you see this box turn up, or if you're on the Cartridge Replacement Program, you can be 100% certain that you have the ultimate protection.

It is the quality of this cartridge which has passed all the tests at such high removal rates that makes this cartridge so unique. As the water passes through this cartridge slowly, the extra contact time with the cartridge allows for such a wide range of contaminant removal.

      • Removes Bugs & Bacteria 99.9%
      • Heavy Metals up to 99%
      • Fluoride 97.5%
      • Chlorine & Chloramines 99.9%

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If you have any questions about the Ultraceram Water Filter Candle, please feel free to contact us.