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G'day folks, Rod from My Water Filter here today. Just gonna have a quick chat to you, on these gravity cartridges, okay? So the situation is, they are the same cartridge. You know on our website you would have seen the Ultrapure cartridge. There was a product page on there for the Ultrapure Gravity Candle. I'll just give you a quick look at the cartridge that we're talking about, and this is it here. This is the cartridge that people would upgrade to, if they want to get the fluoride and heavy metals out of their water that's been tipped into the top of their gravity filter. We saw that this cartridge was available and we thought, that is a great cartridge and it's got amazing test results. We really need it for our customers. So we approached the supplier, and we got permission to use this cartridge. Unfortunately, we didn't get permission for the box, and we didn't get permission to use all the test results and information. But we knew that it was good, and so we ran with it. We had to call it a different name. So we had the Ultrapure rage of water filters, so Ultrapure Cartridge just flowed on to this gravity candle here.

Now, the situation is, time's gone by and we've built a close relationship with this other company that makes these water filter cartridges now. Basically KLT Filtration from Great Britain. I'm just going to show you this cartridge here, just so you can see that there is no difference. These two cartridges are the exact same cartridge. Same color, same nuts, same washers, same everything. Same bumps, got a few imperfections on them, that's how they come out. These are the same, okay?

What I'm just trying to alert you to today is, you would've been used to receiving this Ultrapure cartridge in the plain box maybe with the blue sticker on the side of it. But, it's not available anymore. We're running out of these, and these cartridges won't be supplied like this anymore. Thank goodness, we might say. You'll get this cartridge, inside a padded bag, and it could still come inside a nice, strong, white box just to protect it. But it will always have the Ultraceram box on the outside, the proper box for the cartridge. So have some confidence when you see this box turn up, or if you're on the Cartridge Replacement Program, or something like that. We send out a reminder, or an email, and you see this Ultraceram cartridge there, take some confidence, and grab hold of it and use it.

They are fantastic these cartridges, the fluoride removal at 97 percent, and the heavy metals that it removes, it really does create nice water. We've been drinking it here today, is the honest truth. It's quite magnificent, so this is the one for you. Ultraceram put it inside your Ultrapure gravity systems, these will actually go in any gravity system at all. As log as the hole will fit at the top, you're good to go. Ultraceram is the way to go now, we're fading out the Ultrapure, but we'll still have the Ultrapure range of water filtrating filters, obviously. The Ultraceram, just remember that one. Ultraceram by My Water Filter, good luck to you. Thanks very much.