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Gday, folks. Rod from My Water Filter here, today. I just want to have a quick chat to ya about the ULTRAPURE, Coldstream cartridges, okay? Mainly, because it's the same cartridge, and what you might find, if you're on your cartridge replacement program, you might get some information from us, an email, et cetera. And, you might notice that it says Coldstream in the marketing or the email. And, you might have been used to hearing ULTRAPURE. ULTRAPURE cartridge.

So, this is the system. This, here, is the ULTRAPURE cartridge that we've been selling inside all our ULTRAPURE systems. This, here, is the Coldstream, okay? Now, funnily enough, these cartridges are the exact same cartridge, okay? So, what happened was, this is the ULTRAPURE cartridge in the front here. And, we saw this cartridge available on the market, And were very keen to get ahold of it, because the test results were so good. So, we got it, tested it, used it, drank with it, and it was just beautiful, alright? So, we thought right. This is the perfect cartridge to go in our ULTRAPURE water filtration systems, okay? So, we went out to try and get our hands on it so we could use it.

But, the problem was the company that was importing it at that point in time, wasn't too keen on us using this cartridge under the name Coldstream, okay? So, they were happy for us to use the cartridge, but we just couldn't use the name Coldstream. So, as you can see, these two cartridges here, they just are exactly the same. They'll promise you, they are the same cartridge. Alright, so, we're able to get ahold of this cartridge for the public, and use it in our water filters. We'll give it the name ULTRAPURE, and we started using this ULTRAPURE cartridge inside this plain box, for the ULTRAPURE range of water filters.

Nowadays, we have now got a closer working ... You know, joined up with the company that provides and makes this cartridge here, and they've been good enough to give us the proper cartridge in the proper boxing, packaging with the proper test results, and instructions all ready to go. So, looking forward, we are very excited to finally have the correct packaging for this great cartridge, and if you need any more information, or you want to know anything, give us a yell, or jump on the webpage for this cartridge. It's the Coldstream that you're looking for, made by KLT Industries in Great Britain. Got amazing test results. They are great on rain water.

They are equally good in the cities, and I highly recommend them. And, they're cleanable, so you can give them a scrub if they get a lot of dirt on them. Take a look at the Coldstream, and when you see your cartridge replacement program information coming out, it'll be the Coldstream. So, be confident, and go for it, and good to use these. Any dramas, let us know. Thanks very much.