Mothers Day 2023 Gift Ideas for Amazing Skin, Hair and Health

Mothers day gifts are a great chance to show mum how much she means!

My Water Filter has a range of Mother’s Day ideas to help you find the perfect gift to make her day special. Whether your mum is the health-conscious type or just requires something she can use to nurture her skin and hair, you can find the best mother’s day gifts right here at My Water Filter.

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What Mothers Want

Mothers day flowers are a great idea! Let’s not forget them. But if there is one thing that we can agree on without a shadow of a doubt, all Mothers like to take good care of their health, skin and hair.

Water Filters make the best mothers day gifts!

Here are a few ideas to help you on the Mothers Day search:

A Luxurious Aroma Sense Q Shower Head

Suppose your mum is the beauty spa-type lady who loves facials and takes excellent care of her skin by moisturising every day.

Does she love a nice long hot shower after a tough day?

You can completely transform her showering experience with the Aroma Sense Q Shower Head.

With the luxurious feeling of scented shower water invigorating her and delivering rich antioxidants straight into the pores of her skin, this will be a gift she’ll remember forever.

The Aroma Sense Q Shower Head has Vitamin C to the equivalent of 3,000 lemons, and you can smell the zesty freshness as soon as you turn the shower tap on.

The cartridges consists of 90% pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C and 10% natural essential oils.

Vitamin C also safely and effectively neutralises up to 99.9% of chlorine and chloramines from the shower water, which means no more itchy skin and dry scalp. If you know this is a challenge that has been bugging her for years, the Aroma Sense Q Shower head is a must for Mothers Day.

Absorbing vitamin C topically is essential for vibrant younger-looking skin and hair. It stops hair loss, fights dandruff and prolongs greying. The absence of chlorine in her shower water means much smoother skin and hair.

The shower water passes through the antibacterial ceramic balls and the patented watering plate, generating 421,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre, which relieves stress and relaxes the body.

Just find out if she prefers fragrances of lemon, rose, eucalyptus, a combination or scent-free.

This could be the best and the simplest Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever bought.

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Ready for gift idea number 2?

A Sprite Bath Ball

If she’s more of a ‘long soak in the bath with a glass of wine’ type of girl, you can’t go past the Sprite Bath Ball.

Sprite Bath Ball Filter

With the latest Sprite shower filter innovation, patented Chlorgon® media, the Bath Ball Filters condition water for more luxurious bathing.

No more skin irritations or dry hair from the chlorine. The Sprite bath ball removes chlorine, dirt, odour, iron oxide and sediment, leaving bath water feeling noticeably fresher and more invigorating.

After an hour-long soak, she’ll hop out feeling much cleaner, and her skin and hair will feel much silkier and smooth thanks to you.

The Sprite Bath Ball is easy to install in minutes and doesn’t require any change to plumbing as it can be conveniently removed after the bath is run and stored away in the vanity cupboard.

For less than $75, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

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Now for gift idea number 3.

For the mamma who appreciates the finer things in life and is conscious about her health.

Perhaps Mum has even mentioned she has high standards when it comes to drinking water?

An Aquasana OptimH2O Reverse Osmosis System

If mum already has her shower, bath and drinking water sorted, browse our collection of Reverse Osmosis systems to take her ‘water game’ to the next level!

In terms of creating the best water you can in 2021, it does not get any better than Reverse Osmosis! And the one with the best test results is the Aquasana OptimH2O with Claryum Technology & Remineralisation.

Aquasana OptimH2O delivers the best drinking water available for optimal hydration.

The OptimH2O has 5 different NSF certifications for effectively removing 88+ various contaminants - now that’s hard to find!

Plus... an affordable price tag!

That makes the Aquasana OptimH2O our #1 Under Sink Reverse Osmosis system.

If it’s good enough for us, mum will LOVE it!

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Why Mum Needs A Water Filter This Year

While we are incredibly grateful that our Government follows stringent guidelines to provide clean drinking water, contaminants like chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals and other organic and inorganic particles can still be present in the water.

Since water filtration products remove so many contaminants, the health benefits are huge.

Filtered water can help with the absorption of vital nutrients, improve the health of your skin and hair, detoxify your body and increase the function of the cells in your body, which keep you healthy.


Make it about Mum's health this year! See our collection of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters and make a selection for Mamma Bear to show her how much you care.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

If you have any questions about the products mentioned above, email or call us on 1800 769 300.

Get in quick; Mothers Day comes around very fast!

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