Where to Start Being Plastic-Free:

Some Inspiration for #PlasticFreeJuly

It’s July again and in many quarters of the internet, there is big talk about trying to reduce single-use plastics. If you’re like us who’s up for the challenge, read on to know more about #PlasticFreeJuly and how you can participate.

1. Begin with finding out about #PlasticFreeJuly and what it means for you.

The movement #PlasticFreeJuly started in Perth back in 2011 and quickly caught on to different communities across 190 countries. The mission of the group: To work towards a “world free from plastic waste.”

Founder Rebecca Prince-Ruiz challenged herself and some friends to go plastic-free for a month and now millions of people have taken on the challenge. Schools, companies, and individuals are finding different ways to trade single-use plastics for more sustainable options. 

Watch the video below to find out more about #PlasticFreeJuly, how you can join, and if our efforts will matter during this time when plastic pollution is off the charts.

2. Make “sustainable” your default choice, inside and outside of the home.

According to the same video, there are four easy-to-swap items that you can start with: Plastic Bags, Plastic water Bottles, Plastic Straws, Disposable Lids & Cups. 

While this seems easy enough to give up, it becomes more of a challenge and a deliberate choice when we’re out and about. 

When asked about bottled water drinkers for example, many shared they do so because it’s a convenient choice outside for those who want clean water and a drink that tastes better than tap

The next time you go out, consider taking that reusable bottle filled with some tasty, clean water from home.

Filteroo Stainless Steel is a great system that offers a complete set of parts including a steel water bottle to create the best water and take it with you wherever you go.

3. Find and test sustainable solutions where you can. 

A world without plastics can seem completely unimaginable against the sheer volume of plastics created every day. But when the doubt creeps in, think about the products introduced in the last few years to curb our use of plastics: shampoo bars, menstrual cups, reusable packaging, and repurposed materials for bags, clothes, and many more. 

There are plenty of good people out there trying to find new solutions. Here’s a little video to inspire you to stay on with #PlasticFreeJuly.

4. Join and support communities who are for a more sustainable world 

There’s nothing quite as encouraging as being part of a community. If you want to embrace a sustainable lifestyle, find people who are willing to take the challenge with you. 

Don’t forget to be an ally to others too who are on the same path: Reward them for their effort by supporting their business, participating in fundraisers, and lending your energy and ideas to sound the call for a #PlasticFree world.

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