What Is A pH Elevation Mineral Pad?

A pH elevation mineral pad helps raise the pH of drinking water by slowly releasing minerals into the water in the bottom tank of your benchtop gravity water filter or any other water storage device. The mineral pad creates high-alkaline water.

The mineral pad sits in the bottom of your water filter or water storage container.

As water flows through the mineral pad, the pH level is elevated from around the 7.5 pH mark up to around the 8.5 pH mark instantly to ensure you are drinking alkaline water. 

It’s essential to know and understand the quality of your drinking water. You can learn more about the importance of pH in drinking water, and how you can find out if your tap water has a safe pH level. Feel free to check out the collection of alkaline water filters we have put together.

What Is The pH of Tap Water In Australia?

Depending on the location, Australian water pH is anything from 6- 8pH. The Australian Drinking Water Guidelines suggest regular drinking water testing to ensure the pH falls between 6.5 and 8.5.

In areas where quality assurance isn’t possible, or when drinking rainwater or bore water - most people prefer taking matters into their own hands. You know, as the saying goes, ‘if you want something done properly, do it yourself.’

If you’d like to test your drinking water, you can purchase a pH water metre from bunnings.

We tested the pH level of all of the major bottled water brands you can buy in Australia, and the results were shocking.

When utilising a pH elevation mineral pad, you can guarantee your water is between 8.5 - 9pH - just the way the body prefers it.

Try it out for yourself, and let us know if you have any questions. Please feel free to contact us; we’d be happy to help.

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