[VIDEO] Product Spotlight On Whole House Triple Big Blue Water Filter with Water Conditioner and Magnet

Hello! Rod from My Water Filter here today. I'd like to introduce you to our number 1 Hard Water Whole House Water Filter System. It is the My Water Filter Whole House 20 inch x 4.5 inch Triple Big Blue High Flow Water Filter System.

Complete with hard water protection and Whole House Magnet. This system is part of our whole house water filtration range and it is the answer if you live in a hard water area on chlorinated town scheme water, whether this is for your own home, your business, or commercial use, this system is for you.

As you can see here, this whole house big blue high flow triple water filter system comes with the Australian watermark, fully tested and certified, BPA free high pressure housings, a heavy duty stainless steel bracket, housing removal tool a 20 inch x 4.5 inch whole house Polyspun Sediment Cartridge, 20 inch x 4.5 inch whole house Carbon Block Cartridge, a Limetron Hard Water Conditioner and a Whole House Magnet.

Hard Water

This industry leading system is designed for hard water, where the minerals in the water are creating a mineral build-up called limescale. You will see these mineral deposits in different forms. It builds up inside your incoming water pipes to your home and slows the pressure and flow rate. Outside it blocks the sprinklers and stunts the garden growth. It can create a fine white powdery crystal growth on your tap wear which eats the metal away.

Dried Water Mineral Left Overs

You will see the horrible buildup on your shower glass that is slowly being etched and eaten away, which is a pain to scrub and keep clean and will eventually require replacing. You will find white staining where the water dries on your sink and glassware. Basically, wherever the water is left to dry there will be mineral deposit left behind. It makes the hard work throughout the home trying to stay on top of it. Cleaning it requires your energy and precious time and worst of all it costs you money.

Mineral Buildup

Every year on average, it can cost up to 800 dollars more to live in a home with hard water than to live in a home with soft water. We just don't realize we replace the washing machine, the dishwasher and the shower glass. We pay for the repairs on the hot water system and air conditioner. We pay the extra energy bills, as every 1 millimetre of limescale buildup on the element in the hot water system, it costs an extra 10 to 15% to heat the water and in the end, the water does not even get hot, as the element is working overtime and does not contact the water.

How does this system work?

The water will flow through the Limetron Hard Water Conditioner creating a small electrical charge between the alloy and the stainless steel outer casing. Transforming the calcium and hard water ions into a microscopic calcium carbonate crystal form this new form. This new form does not stick to surfaces in the same way that limescale does. Stopping hard water scale building up in your plumbing and appliances.

Transforming Hard Water Ions

Then the water will flow into the first housing containing the Polyspun Sediment Cartridge. This will remove the sediments lumps and bumps out of the water to shield the next stages of the filtration process. This ensures sediment does not block up the carbon block water filter cartridges in the 2nd and 3rd housings so these can perform at one hundred percent to remove the taste, smells and odours out of your water.

Water flow diagram

This Carbon Water Filter Cartridge is also responsible to protect you from Chlorine, Herbicides and Pesticides and other Chemicals which are introduced into our incoming water supplies. Finally, the water will pass through the Whole House Magnet further conditioning the water to create the beautiful soft water that will flow through every tap in your home. You will be battling to find a more affordable hard water whole house water filter than this. Here's why: The limetron is plastic-free, has a strong stainless steel housing component with a long lasting alloys centre core.

It requires no electricity, has no moving parts and doesn't use any chemical or salts. It has a robust unbreakable design engineered to stand the test of time. This is a seriously strong, hard water conditioner. The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner is an industry leader in the prevention of limescale. It is manufactured in Great Britain by Fluid Dynamics a family-owned company who has been manufacturing water conditioners for over 50 years. In that time, they have produced over 300,000 devices which have been exported to 40 countries.

It is time tested and proven to be a great method to treat hard water all over the world and now, here in Australia. It will stop the limescale eating away your tapware and stop the soap from lathering and damaging your hair and skin.

Limetron Warranty Information

The limetron is maintenance-free so you can just install and forget. It comes complete with a 12 months money back guarantee, a 10-year warranty, a 15-year life expectancy and I know in Great Britain they are still working up to 20 years. It is environmentally friendly and creates no wastewater and water treated by the limetron is beneficial for your garden and plant growth.

Whole House Water Filter Quality & Durability

The whole house water filter system is Australian Watermark. Fully tested and certified, has BPA free high-pressure housings with a heavy-duty stainless steel bracket, combined with 3 of the best water filter cartridges suited for treating chlorinated town scheme water flowing directly from your incoming water supply. This is a seriously long-lasting and high quality hard water whole house water filter system. Both the Polyspun Sediment Cartridge and the Carbon Block Cartridges have comprehensively tested cartridges. They are designed by leading water filtration manufacturers and laboratory tested and they are always innovating to create better filtration cartridges to create clean, fresh, contaminant-free water.

This Sediment Cartridge is the perfect first line of protection of any good water filter it protects you and your family and it will stop your other water filter cartridges from being blocked up by the silt sand and sediment that flows down our incoming water supplies. The Carbon Block Cartridges trap all the chlorine and other contaminants introduced into our water removing the horrible chlorine taste, colour and odours, so you will have beautiful tasting water. Soft healthy hair and smooth skin. This system comes with an extra backup Whole House Polyspun Sediment Cartridge in case there is an unexpected flow of debris coming down your incoming water line. This can happen at any time if the water board flushes their pipes and with a backup spare you can quickly replace the 1st cartridge and you have beautifully filtered water flowing again.

It is available in two models, a 10 inch x 4.5 inch which is perfect if you are single or a couple in a small dwelling and a 20 inch x 4.5 inch model for the whole family. This system is easy to install for any qualified person and is normally installed on the side of your house prior to the incoming mains water supply to your home.

Limetron is Maintenance-free

The Limetron Hard Water Conditioner and the magnet are installed and forget, and have no replacement parts and the cartridges in this system have a 12-month cartridge replacement period.

Cartridge Replacement

Replacing the cartridges in this system is a breeze. You can easily do it yourself using the tool that is provided with this water filter system. Simply remove the housings using the housing removal tool, empty the chamber of any water, remove the use cartridges, replace with the new cartridges and screw the chamber's back on giving them a tighten up to seal the chamber's and you are done. A job that can be done in minutes.

Get Notified

Also when you purchase your water filter through My Water Filter you will be automatically notified by text when your cartridges need to be replaced so you don't even need to remember.

Get Notified

Whole House Water Filter Warranty Information

It comes with the standard 5 in 1 warranty, 5 years on the housing and 1 year on the parts and fittings. So you can feel confident that this durable water filter system will continue to provide you with great tasting filtered water for many years to come. So if you are looking for a great water filter system for your whole home at an affordable price, then this My Water Filter Whole House Hard Water Filter System complete with hard water protection and Whole House Magnet is for you. Clean, soft, contaminant-free water that everyone in your home is just a magnificent way to live. Enjoy.

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