Water Filter Comparison - Whole House Water Filter Vs. Shower Filter [VIDEO]

In this article, we will compare a Shower Filter with a Whole House Filter.

You realise very quickly that there is a massive difference.

Whole House Filter

A Whole House Water Filter will treat all the water flowing into your house, regardless of how many people live there.

The Whole House system will have a sediment cartridge and two carbon cartridges, taking care of even the chlorine and chemical dumped into the water.

The water will pour through the big, solid unit (3 x 20-inch cartridges) and treat all the water flowing into your home.

Because it’s such a big unit and the installation process is a fair deal longer, it’s ideal that you own the home because if you were going to remove it to move houses, it's a bit of a pain.

It can be done, but it’s a hassle.

Homeowners are more likely to use a Whole House Water Filter and generally on a house, too.

If you have a free-standing apartment, no problem, a whole house filter can go on.

But if you live in a high rise apartment, in the city, or a block of flats, you might have trouble installing a Whole House Water Filtration System.

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You can also purchase Whole House Water Filtration systems for Rain Water.

In such cases, you would install a Shower Filter in the bathroom and a Benchtop or Undersink Water filter in the kitchen for your drinking water. These two systems would be a minimum, but you could also add a filter to your vanity basins.

Shower Filter

Let’s compare the Aquasana Shower Filter; it’s the best shower water filter on the market with the best test results.

This shower filter can generally be installed on almost any shower in this country.

The Aquasana Shower Filter takes out over 90% of the chlorine and chemical.

I have showered in this myself, and it makes the water like rainwater, it works incredibly well!

However, as good as they are, they’ll never be as good as a Whole House Filter. The more contact time that water has with the carbon cartridges, the better, and the Whole House carbon cartridges are decent 20-inch carbon blocks in both housings.

So the cartridge size difference between the Whole House Water Filter and the Shower Filter is just incomparable. The Aquasana does a fantastic job and looks after the shower just like it says it does.

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Whole House or Shower Filter? Which Is Better?

If a Whole House Filter is both practical and affordable for your situation, we highly recommend that. But if not, we highly recommend a point of use filter for your kitchen and bathroom, so you are well protected from absorbing or consuming the contaminants that are so abundantly present in our drinking water.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your current situation, please contact us; we’d love to help you.

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