Water Filter Comparison - Whole House Vs. Drinking Water Filter Installation [VIDEO]

This article compares a Whole House Water Filter installation with a Drinking Water Filter such as a Benchtop or Undersink Water Filter, or a Gravity Fed Water Filter.

There are many differences between a Whole House Water Filter and a Drinking Water Filter, and many of those differences will be addressed below.

In most cases, people will have BOTH a Whole House and Point of Use Drinking Water Filter.


Whole House Water Filter VS Drinking Water Filter Installation

While a Whole House Water Filter is excellent at removing all of the nasties from a Rain Water Tank and the council water supply, there can still be some lurking contaminants living inside your water pipes. This means that if you have used a Whole House Water Filter to treat your water, it can still be recontaminated on its way to your kitchen tap. 


The cost to have a plumber install your Whole House Water Filter is worth considering as most people generally need the help of a plumber for a job this size. It’s a fair deal cheaper to buy and install your Benchtop or Undersink Water Filter, but then you won’t have your whole home treated, and it might not do as good of a job.

Another factor to consider is that it costs a little more to buy a Whole House Filter than for a Benchtop Water Filter.

Installation Process

As you can see in the Whole House Water Filter Installation Video, it is a lot more complex and time-consuming to install a Whole House Filter, but it does a lot more filtering for all the water in your home. A simple Benchtop or Benchtop Gravity system will be much easier to install, and you won’t need to pay a plumber because you simply put it on your benchtop and connect the diverter to your kitchen tap. You could even pay a plumber to install an Under Sink Water filter for a fraction of the time and cost, or just do it yourself.

Installation Time

It will take a qualified person about 1 hour to Install an Under Sink Water Filter and 10-20 minutes to Install a Benchtop Water Filter. It should take about 3-4 hours for a plumber to install a Whole House Water Filter if your job is straightforward.

If you want to do it yourself and get a fast fix, then a drinking water point-of-use system is excellent.

Then when you have more time and the money, you can get the whole house system on there, take your water to the next level again.


While you may have been considering only one option initially, we highly recommend you have BOTH a Whole House Filter and a Benchtop Filter. It will cost more to purchase, and have a Whole House Water Filter installed by a plumber, but you will have ALL the water in your house treated. No more itchy skin or breathing in chlorine gas when showering or taking a bath, no more washing your clothes in chlorine, no more blue/green limescale staining on your basins and your pipework doesn’t get eaten up by limescale. No more drinking fluoride or chlorine contaminated water either.

Having every single drop of water in your house treated is a magnificent way to look after your health and home.

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