[VIDEO] Why do you need an Under Sink Water Filter if you have a Whole House Water Filter?

If you want to be fully protected by your Water Filtration system at home, you may be wondering if a Whole House Filter will cover all the risks. While a Whole House Water Filter does a magnificent job, it still doesn’t do everything.

The Whole House Triple 10" x 4.5" Water Filter System is suitable for households who want to remove both incoming chlorine and odour from their water supply.

It’s built specifically to filter chlorine, chemicals and reduce odour from the entire water supply. It’s recommended for families with 3 people or less and great for people who want to get good quality clean water in the entire house.

Whole House or Under Sink Water Filter?

If you install a Triple Whole House Water Filter like the one in the video above, all the sediment is taken out by the first cartridge, then we've got two carbon blocks after that trapping the chlorine and the chemical, down to five micron.

When the water goes through these water filters, the chlorine is really easy to remove.

The Triple Whole House Water Filter creates beautiful water for the home to shower in, and magnificent water at the kitchen tap.

When you are cooking with filtered water from a Whole House Water Filter, washing the rice for example, there’s no chlorine in it. There is no chlorine gas being released into the air and your rice isn’t absorbing all of that chemical.

HOWEVER, the water is roaring through these cartridges at a speedy 30-40 litres a minute. At that flow rate, it is difficult to remove everything.

Most commonly, people are using cheap carbon blocks in their whole-house water filters. While they are great for taking the chlorine out, they aren't stopping the heavy metal, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and the real nasties that play havoc with the body.

The Whole House Water Filter is really for the house and to give you a beautiful shower.

The benefits don’t stop there, but those are the big ones.

There is so much contamination in our water these days and I'd go as far as saying that the water quality in this country is hardly fit for human consumption anymore. You just can't continually absorb chemicals into your body day after day after day and expect your body to deal with it - it accumulates.

You just have to look at the amount of illness around and ask yourself why.

The Best Solution

Use a Whole House Water Filter AND a point of use drinking water filter.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a Benchtop Water Filter with an UltraCeram candle in the top for $90 a year, it’ll still do wonders for your health. Just a cheap single stage Benchtop Filter like the one in the video above, running off the kitchen sink tap.

An Ultraceram is a great example, they have pages of test results because they remove so many contaminants from your water. They remove fluoride, heavy metals, sediment, bugs, bacteria, viruses, pharmaceuticals and more.

Some people even use Reverse Osmosis to filter their kitchen tap water.

If you’ve got a Whole House Water Filter, you know instantly you’ve got all the sediment and chlorine taken care of.

In addition to your Whole House Water Filter

We just need a good cartridge to get rid of the fluoride, heavy metals and remaining contaminants. To do that, we need to slow the water down.

Instead of the water roaring through at 40 liters a minute, we'll bring it through a point-of-use drinking water filter so it goes through the Ultrapure at 3 litres a minute.

Going with a certified Under Sink or Benchtop water filter such as an Ultrapure, you've got confidence knowing that all the garbage has been taken out of the water, and that the water you're consuming is not filling you up with chemicals.

That's my best advice for you.

Hidden Contaminates In Your Pipework

Another thing to be really mindful of is that you often find pockets of bacteria hiding in places throughout your pipework in the home. So that’s another reason to have a simple Benchtop or Under Sink Water Filter giving your water a touch up before you drink it.

Create The BEST Water You Can With BOTH

It’s not the cheapest route, but a Whole House Water Filter and Point Of Use Water Filter combination is the best solution for creating magnificent water in your home. If you’re in an apartment or renting and can’t install a Whole House Water Filter, just know that shower filters aren’t as good as Whole House, but by crickey, they do a great job!

The Most Important Thing

A good point-of-use drinking water filter is the most important thing in all homes, so you're not drinking the garbage that's in our water supply. I'm not saying the chemicals are good or bad, the government needs to add chemicals to the water to get the water to your house. If they didn’t put chemicals in, it would be full of bugs and you’d get sick.

But after the water is inside your house, there’s no reason to drink it with all the contaminants still in there.

Get yourself a decent water filter, you deserve it.

If you’ve got any questions please feel free to contact us.

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